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Arundel Camera Club, Inc.

Monthly Archives: December 2020

MPA: Julieanne Kost – Lightroom Classic and Photoshop Hidden Gems

February 17, 2021 Join Julieanne Kost, Digital Imaging Evangelist at Adobe, who will share her favorite tips for quickly organizing and culling photographs and demonstrate how to use the global and local adjustment tools in Lightroom Classic. Then, she will... Read More

MPA: Valerie Jardin – “How to Get Over the Fear of Photographing Strangers”

January 05, 2021 The fear of photographing strangers is a very normal feeling, and most street photographers feel uneasy at first. It is a matter of getting to the point when the desire to document life in the streets becomes... Read More

December Digital Contest Winners

Novice Digital Color 1st Place – Doug Wood – Virgin River 2nd Place – Ed Niehenke – Baptism Water Flowing 3rd Place – Elaine Hambly – Picking Flowers 4th Place – Paul Wilcox – Bird on Fencing HM – Julie... Read More

2021 Jan. 20: Monochrome and Color Digital Contests – Open

Out next digital contest will be 2021 January 20th. The theme will be Open so anything goes.  The deadline for entries will be Tuesday, Noon on January 19th. Send your images to Images should be sized so as to... Read More

2021 Jan. 13: Rich Isaacman – Around the World with Street Photography

I travel extensively and so my photography is closely linked to my travels; I have been to over 50 countries. I’ve been very interested in it since the 1970’s and had a lot of opportunities to exercise my interest by... Read More

2020 Dec. 9: Monochrome and Color Digital Contests – Leading Lines

Out next digital contest will be 2020 December 9th. The theme will be “Leading Lines”. The contest will be live streamed on FaceBook at 7pm. Leading lines refers to a technique of composition where the viewer of your photos attention... Read More