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MPA 4th Annual Photography Contest

Submission Deadline Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Maryland Photography Alliance (MPA) is a union of regional photography and camera clubs throughout the State of Maryland. This contest is the largest digital-image, interclub photography contest of the year.

Lots of Prizes and No Cost to Participate!
4 Image Categories to Pick From:

  • Maryland Flag – Must include the MD flag, or some representation – real or imagined.
  • Dramatic Weather – A depiction of dramatic weather (snow, rain, fog, wind, sleet), anywhere in the world.
  • Nighttime – Images outdoors at night, between dusk and dawn.
  • Cityscape – Any city viewed as a scene or an artistic representation of the physical aspects of a city or urban area. It is the urban equivalent of a landscape.

Top Images are Displayed at a Gallery Show.
Stay tuned for submission details.
If you have questions, contact us at

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2020 Mar. 18 – Digital Competition

Historic first online digital competition for the Arundel Camera Club.

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2020 March Contests Winners

Novice Color

1st Place – Rich Stolarski – Aspens
2nd Place – Ed Niehenke – San Antonio Dining
3rd Place – Delaney Peiffer – Aftermath
4th Place – JC Williams – Barrows Golden Eye
HM – Terri Jackson – Tropical Security

Unlimited Color

1st Place – Bob Webber – LEDs Stuffed In Swirly Bottle
2nd Place – Cathy Hockel – Green Violet Eater Hummingbird
3rd Place – Chuck Gallegos – Ice Bubbles
4th Place – Mike Thomas – Day of the Dead Bridgette
HM – Cathy Hockel – Glossy Ibis in Breading Plumage
HM – John Milleker, Jr. – Working Up The Courage
HM – Michelle Barkdoll – Life to Death
HM – Ron Peiffer – Lenape Dancer

Novice Mono

1st Place – Rich Stolarski – Curved Grid
2nd Place – JC Williams – Jevon
3rd Place – Rich Stolarski – Clouds
4th Place – Rich Stolarski – Bologna Arches
HM – Delaney Peiffer – Boat
HM – Marilou Burleson – Enough Play For One Day

Unlimited Mono

1st Place – Christine Milleker – Stoic Wood Stock
2nd Place – Fred Venecia – Detmold
3rd Place – Fred Venecia – Miss McAlpine
4th Place – Cathy Hockel – Contemplation
HM – Chuck Gallegos – Eruption
HM – Mike Thomas – Ocean City Inlet Jetty
HM – Cathy Hockel – Juvenile Pelican

Novice Digital

1st Place – JC Williams – Water Drop Flower
2nd Place – Janet Peyton – Flamingo
3rd Place – JC Williams – Cat Woman
4th Place – Paul Wilcox – Serenade
HM – Paul Wilcox – Starling
HM – Paul Wilcox – Butterfly
HM – JC Williams – Butterfly on Coneflower

Unlimited Digital

1st Place – Ron Pieffer – Blue Dasher
2nd Place – Christine Milleker – Pilated Woodpecker Gatorland
3rd Place – Michelle Barkdoll – On Watch
4th Place – Christine Milleker – Colorful Danger
HM – Marilou Burleson – Too Much Playing
HM – Louis Sapienza – Blue Jay Looking
HM – Louis Sapienza – Cathedral In woods
HM – Cathy Hockel – Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird
HM – Chuck Gallegos – In the Dead of Night

2020 Mar. 18: Digital Contest using FaceBook

We have a great number of images, come join in the on-line camaraderie! Who knows when the next time we’ll have a club contest meeting where you can sip an adult beverage in your pajamas. Also, don’t forget that during the test stream we had other club members, past members and members who have moved from the area join in, let’s put on a good showing and give them a taste of the great photographers we have in the club!

The club group link is:

The stream starts promptly at 7pm EST but will go live with a countdown prior to that so that people can get in and get cozy.

If you have not signed up for a Facebook account, please do it tonight and join the group where the admins will approve your request. Note that we have members who use nicknames on Facebook if you’re worried about privacy.

Thanks to Louis, Bob and the Officers for a lot of heavy lifting this week. See you there!


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Save the Bay Photo Contest

CBF’s annual photo contest is open to both amateur and professional photographers. Each year we seek your vision of the Bay region. This year’s contest runs from March 11-April 5.

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2020 May 20: Club Events Contest May 20, 2020

May 20th will be here before we know it! Now is the time to start getting your digital images ready for the contest that night.

REMEMBER – we are only doing a digital contest this year – no print contest.  We will have one Unlimited contest and one Novice contest.  There will be one winning image for each, and those winners will receive a free membership for the 2020-2021 club year.  There are no ribbons or points given in this contest. 

You can submit one digital color image and one digital monochrome image per event that you attended this club year. Please remember, both color and monochrome images will be in the same contest. 

Closer to the date – Louis will send out instructions for when to have your images submitted by and how to size and name them.

Please see below list of events.  Remember – don’t wait till the last minute to start going through your photos, it’s a lot to go through the more events you attended!

2019/2020 Club Events

  • 2019 End of Year Banquet
  • Mid Atlantic WWII Weekend
  • OC Maryland Airshow
  • Maryland Renaissance Festival
  • Club Holiday Party
  • Open Cockpit Saturdays
  • Food Photography Table Top at Glen Burnie Library
  • July 4th Local Fireworks
  • Earleigh Heights Carnival
  • Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Show
  • Kenilworth Gardens
  • Club Picnic
  • BMX Single Race
  • Sunflower Festival
  • Hagerstown Wings and Wheels
  • Table Top Night – Club Meeting – Glass and Water theme
  • Arlington National Cemetery 
  • Cascade Falls – Patapsco State Park
  • Rams Head Dockside – In place of club meeting
  • Library of Congress
  • Brian Boru’s Fundraising Night
  • Conowingo Dam
  • Fire Museum Of Maryland and Holiday Train Garden
  • Bombay Hook NWR
  • Ocean City, MD
  • Assateague Island
  • Blackwater NWR
  • Fire and Ice – Frederick, MD
  • Woods Church Reception (Any photo taken that night in place of club meeting)
  • Spring Wildlife Festival Patuxent Research Center
  • Table Top Night – (April Meeting)
  • Baltimore Museum of Industry
  • WWII DC Flyover
  • Kiwanis Lake, York PA

If you have any questions, please let me know!


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Phillips Mill Photography Exhibition

Now entering its 27th year, the prestigious Phillips Mill Photographic Exhibition is proud to announce that Emmet Gowin will be our juror this spring. We would like to make sure that all your club members have the opportunity for their own best imagery to be seen by this internationally renowned photographer, who taught for 25 years at Princeton University and whose art has been the subject of numerous books and museum exhibits.

The Phillips Mill Show is unique in seeking submissions representing the most personally satisfying and aesthetically successful aspects of each photographer’s body of work. Over a dozen awards will be granted in this highly anticipated three-week show, to be held in a historic stone gristmill that has been renovated for presentation purposes and that, ninety years ago, was the birthplace of the vibrant arts movement in the Delaware River Valley. Our website address is

Download entry form. Please follow the detailed instructions below.

The Phillips Mill Photographic Exhibition Committee

Source: Phillips Mill Photo

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2020 January Contests Winners

Contests for 1/15/2020
Novice Color
1st Place – David Joyner – Capital Cardinal
2nd Place – JC Williams – Ocean City Beauty
3rd Place – Rich Stolarski – Landing On The Ice
4th Place – JC Williams – Fishing For The Little Ones
HM – Rich Stolarski – Pelican

Unlimited Color
1st Place – John Milleker, Jr. – Red
2nd Place – Mike Thomas – Red Bellied Woodpecker
3rd Place – Cathy Hockel – Bon Appetit
4th Place – Bob Webber – Bronx Zoo Bird
HM – Christine Milleker – Watchful Hawk
HM – Fred Venecia – Reflection

Novice Mono
1st Place – Ed Niehenke – Bird In Nest
2nd Place – David Joyner – Mommy’s Home
3rd Place – Ed Niehenke – Watchful Bird
4th Place – Rich Stolarski – Ducky

Unlimited Mono
1st Place – Ron Peiffer – Little Owl
2nd Place – Mike Thomas – Green Heron
3rd Place – Mike Thomas – Female Wood Duck
4th Place – Cathy Hockel – Dancing Snowy Egret
HM – Cathy Hockel – Here’s Looking at You
HM – Christine Milleker – Purposeful Snowy Egret

Contests for 1/22/2020
Novice Digital
1st Place – Marilou Burleson – Attitude
2nd Place – JC Williams – Scrathing The Itch
3rd Place – Rich Stolarski – Spread My Wings
4th Place – Susan Webber – Bee-Eater
HM – JC Williams – Staring Each Other Down
HM – Marilou Burleson – Walking Kite

Unlimited Digital
1st Place – Fred Venecia – Who You Looking At
2nd Place – Ron Peiffer – Pelican Break
3rd Place – David Joyner – Duck Family Trip
4th Place – John Milleker, Jr. – Launch
HM – Cathy Hockel – Turquoise Browed MotMot
HM – Fred Venecia – Great Blue Heron
HM – Ron Peiffer – Two Brothers Napping
HM – John Milleker, Jr. – Traffic

2019 December Digital Contests Winners

Novice, digital
1st – Delaney Peiffer – Snake Eyes
2nd – Rich Stolarski – Sailboats
3rd – Marilou Burleson – A Single Drop
4th – Marilou Burleson – Christmas Tree
HM – Delaney Peiffer – Crab
HM – Rich Stolarski – Balancing Act

Unlimited, Digital
1st – Cathy Hockel – Murmuration
2nd – John Milleker – Rescue
3rd – Cheryl Kerr – Distant Rains
4th – Richard Chomitz – Sanibel Family
HM – Louis Sapienza – Condensation
HM – Cathy Hockel – Coming Down the Track
HM – David Joyner – Columbia Curves
HM – Bob Webber – Bronx Botanical

2019 December Print Contests Winners

Novice Color
1st Place – Marilou Burleson – Fall
2nd Place – Marilou Burleson – Harlow
3rd Place – Susan Webber – Essential AmeniTEAS
4th Place – David Joyner – Bethesda Blue
HM – Rich Stolarski – Watson Lake
HM – Rich Stolarski – Peabody Library

Unlimited Color
1st Place – Ron Peiffer – Sunday Afternoon
2nd Place – Mike Thomas – Glen Burnie Carnival
3rd Place – Ron Peiffer – Chicago by Night
4th Place – Cathy Hockel – Morning Tulip
HM – Chuck Gallegos – Ice Bubbles
HM – Mike Thomas – Sunset Walk
HM – Ron Peiffer – Dragonfly Five

Novice Mono
1st Place – Louis Sapienza – Its Raining
2nd Place – Rich Stolarski – Bridge Over Sliusau River
3rd Place – Marilou Burleson – Playing in the Park
4th Place – Marilou Burleson – Kite
HM – David Joyner – Bay View Bridge
HM – Rich Stolarski – Wyoming Sky

Unlimited Mono
1st Place – Ron Peiffer – PUckered Up Posey
2nd Place – Bob Webber – Deranged Purple
3rd Place – Cathy Hockel – Remembering Douglas O
4th Place – Fred Venecia – Catherine
HM – Michelle Barkdoll – Bang Youre Dead
HM – Mike Thomas – Badlands South Dakota
HM – John Milleker, Jr. – Environmental Conservationist