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2019 November Winning Digital

1st – JC Williams – Skydiving Squirrel
2nd – Marilou Burleson – Sunshine and Summertime
3rd – JC Williams – Pollinating Coneflower
4th – Terri Jackson – A Complimentary Drink
HM – Jeremy Pfeiffer – The D’s
HM – Rich Stolarski – Hug Point Sunset

1st – Ron Pfeiffer – Fishing at Sunset
2nd – Donna Flynn – Market Day
3rd – Louis Sapienza – Feather of Knowledge
4th – Louis Sapienza – Keys
HM – Brian Flynn – Dubrovnik at Night
HM – Fred Venezia – Mactina
HM – Greg Hockel – Chrome Clown
HM – Jackie Colestock – The Last Palette
HM – John Milleker – Protected


Novice Color
1st Place – Terri Jackson – Autumn Romance
2nd Place – Rich Stolarski – Eilean Donan Castle
3rd Place – Cheryl Kerr – Golden Dream
4th Place – Ed Niehenke – Town Square at Night
HM – Rich Stolarski – Breckenridge View
HM – Rich Stolarski – Portland Head Lighthouse

Unlimited Color
1st Place – Louis Sapienza – Waves
2nd Place – Bob Webber – Two Bumblebees
3rd Place – Bob Webber – Fire & Feather
4th Place – Ron Peiffer – Thru the Arches
HM – Michelle Barkdoll – Track End
HM – Mike Thomas – Glen Burnie Carnival
HM – Ron Peiffer – Physio
HM – Michelle Barkdoll – Inside Kenilworth

Novice Mono
1st Place – Louis Sapienza – Ferns
2nd Place – Jackie Colestock – For the Love of Music
3rd Place – Marilou Burleson – Ghost Chair
4th Place – Cheryl Kerr – The swell
HM – Terri Jackson – The Peoples Money
HM – Rich Stolarski – Alaska Highway

Unlimited Mono
1st Place – Cathy Hockel – Rock Solid
2nd Place – Mike Thomas – Bison Family
3rd Place – Fred Venecia – Surfside Pier
4th Place – Ron Peiffer – Backside of the Sun
HM – Mike Thomas – Chapel of St Peter & St Paul
HM – Greg Hockel – California Condor
HM – Fred Venecia – Miss McAlpine

2019 October Winning Digital – Water

Novice Digital
1st Place – JC Williams – Water Fountain at the Lakes Columbia MD
2nd Place – JC Williams – Shooting Water Drop
3rd Place – Richard Stolarski – Reflection in a Bird Bath
4th Place – Richard Stolarski – Photographing the Fountain
HM – Terri Jackson – Windshield
HM – Zoe Smith – Whirlpool

Unlimited Digital
1st Place – Donna Flynn – The Point Stone Harbor
2nd Place – Cheryl Kerr – Blue Cascade
3rd Place – Ron Peiffer – Aqueous Solution
4th Place – Richard Chomitz – Anchorage Provincial Park Boardwalk
HM – Christine Milleker – Surfs Up OC
HM – David Joyner – Fountain
HM – Michelle Barkdoll – Water’s Edge
HM – Ron Peiffer – Pamlico Sunset

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2019 October Winning Prints – Water

Novice Color
1st Place – David Joyner – Annapolis Harbor
2nd Place – Terri Jackson – Pools of Blue
3rd Place – Terri Jackson – High Tide
4th Place – Terri Jackson – Freestyle
HM – Ed Niehenke – Cascading Waterfall
HM – Ed Niehenke – Magnificent Iceberg
HM – Rich Stolarski – Diablo Lake

Unlimited Color
1st Place – Mike Thomas – Melt
2nd Place – Chuck Gallegos – Fountain View
3rd Place – John Milleker, Jr. – Lake House
4th Place – John Milleker, Jr. – White Water Sunset
HM – Ron Peiffer – Dragon Fire & Admirers
HM – Ron Peiffer – Paradise Dimensions
HM – Louis Sapienza – Water Droplet

Novice Mono
1st Place – Terri Jackson – Reflections – Giverny
2nd Place – Rich Stolarski – Rainy Streets
3rd Place – Jackie Colestock – Thru the Drops
4th Place – Rich Stolarski – Rainy Day in Baltimore
HM – Jackie Colestock – The Glen
HM – Louis Sapienza – Spiral

Unlimited Mono
1st Place – Ron Peiffer – Lillaputions Selfies By The Fountain
2nd Place – Christine Milleker – Water Bounce
3rd Place – Mike Thomas – Cosmic Water Pop
4th Place – Ron Peiffer – Cool Summer Cascade
HM – Greg Hockel – Surfs Up
HM – John Milleker, Jr. – And The Sea
HM – Greg Hockel – A Day at the Beach


Novice Digital
1st Place – Paul Wilcox – Texas
2nd Place – Ed Niehenke – Ocean Swirls
3rd Place – JC Williams – The Blue Dasher
4th Place – Marilou Burleson – Veiled Beauty
HM – JC Williams – Just Humming
HM – Jim Mumper – Vermont Morning

Unlimited Digital
1st Place – David Joyner – Baltimore Orange
2nd Place – Cathy Hockel – Spring Pollination
3rd Place – Louis Sapienza – What Are They?
4th Place – John Milleker, Jr. – Take Off
HM – Greg Hockel – Whos The Fairest Of Them All?
HM – Cathaleen Ley – Soaring
HM – Fred Venecia – Rinteln
HM – Mike Thomas – Red Mask
HM – Brian Flynn – End Of A Long Day

2019 September Winning Prints

Novice Color
1st Place – Marilou Burleson – Asaiah In White
2nd Place – David Joyner – Bird In Blue
3rd Place – Jackie Colestock – I Brought Your Favorite
4th Place – Rich Stolarski – Snake River Overlook
HM – Ed Niehenke – Princess
HM – Ed Niehenke – Bird In Moonlight

Unlimited Color
1st Place – Ron Peiffer – RD Madrid, New Mexico
2nd Place – Ron Peiffer – Hatteras Lighthouse Stairs
3rd Place – Louis Sapienza – Coins
4th Place – Cathy Hockel – Lotus
HM – Mike Thomas – Calm Before The Storm
HM – Christine Milleker – O.C. Surfer
HM – Louis Sapienza – Hi-key Flower Blossom

Novice Mono
1st Place – Rich Stolarski – Storm Clouds Over The Capitol
2nd Place – Marilou Burleson – Hayleys Hat
3rd Place – Jackie Colestock – Profile in Solitude
4th Place – Rich Stolarski – Lincoln at Night
HM – Marilou Burleson – Where have you gone?
HM – Ed Niehenke – Ocean Swirls

Unlimited Mono
1st Place – Fred Venecia – Christina
2nd Place – Ron Peiffer – Pershing Square Crossing
3rd Place – Michelle Barkdoll – The Path Less Taken
4th Place – Cathy Hockel – Kelly
HM – Mike Thomas – Liz
HM – Michelle Barkdoll – Bang You’re Dead
HM – Ron Peiffer – Ellis Island Hospital Room

Gallery Show Entry — Maryland Photography Alliance

The Maryland Photography Alliance (MPA) just announced its third digital-photography contest, and we hope you will participate. There is no charge to enter, and there are $700 in prizes through the sponsor Nations Photo Lab, and there are other valuable prizes through our new sponsors, Les Picker Fine Art Photography and Moab by Legion Paper. Photographers of the top images will be invited to display and sell their images at a November gallery show at Bohrer Park in Gaithersburg, MD, from November 1, 2019 until January 21, 2020. The reception date is, tentatively, November 10, 2019.

4 Image Categories to Pick From:

ABSTRACT. A found abstract is a photograph of natural shapes, colors, or textures that has no obvious subject and is isolated to render the subject unrecognizable.

BLACK & WHITE. Photographs that capture the purest form of light with shades of gray and pure black.

MARYLAND ARCHITECTURE. Exterior or interior photographs of physical structures, which must be identified on the label as found, anywhere, in Maryland.

STILL LIFE. Photographs, full-sized or macro images, of inanimate subjects–typically a small group or a solitary item. A still life can be simple or complex, sharp or soft in focus, high-key or low-key in lighting.

The submission website is new, and here are a few tips:

  • You must review the rules and copyright language and check the box indicating that you have read it before entering information.
  • You can enter ONLY two 2 images
  • You can enter your 2 images in different categories, or you can enter both images in the same category
  • On the Gallery Show Entry Form page, remember to use the Camera Club Affiliation box and choose “Arundel Camera Club (ACC)” because we want the club to show its support for this contest.

The Arundel Camera Club (ACC) is a member of the Maryland Photography Alliance, a group of 18 clubs working to enhance our enjoyment of photography.

Please consider entering the contest.  ACC has many great photographers, and this contest is a chance for all of us to win prizes, get recognition, and showcase our work.

The submission deadline is Saturday, August 24, 2019.

If you have questions or problems, contact Maryland Photography Alliance at

Go to MPA’s new upload page:

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Published 2019 End of Year Slideshow

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April 2019 Digital Contest Results – Triptych

Novice Digital
1st Place – Cheryl Kerr – Assateague Nights
2nd Place – Christine Milleker – STS 134 Last Flight of Endeavour
3rd Place – Cheryl Kerr – Butterfly Jamboree
4th Place – Ed Niehenke – Triptych Birds
HM – Cheryl Kerr – GoldenBeeches
HM – Marilou Burleson – Red and Yellow
HM – Paul Wilcox – Pacific Ocean

Unlimited Digital
1st Place – Mike Thomas – Sunflower Triptych
2nd Place – Louis Sapienza – Eco Prints
3rd Place – Jackie Colestock – Chrome
4th Place – Jackie Colestock – Blackwater Pier
HM – Fred Venecia – Bahnhof
HM – John Milleker Jr. – Machinery
HM – John Milleker Jr. – Marina

2019 Apr. 24: Contests – Digital – Triptych

Our next competition will be thisWednesday, 24 April 2019. We will have our digital contests. You may enter three digital images.

The theme this month is Triptych. Photographers use triptychs to arrange three of their images within one frame with clear borders between them, or by using a separate frame for each photo and mounting them on the wall next to each other. Triptych photography might involve taking one picture and splitting it into three different parts or shooting three separate photos that are related. The artistic works complement each other with similar subjects or a relatable message. Click here for examples of Triptych Photography.

Competition rules, which include how to prepare your entries are posted on our website

  • Digital –
    • Email your digital entries in by Tuesday, at noon. Remember that the email address to send your digital entries to is
    • Send your images as email attachments. Mac users need to put their images in a zip file and attach the zip file to the email.
    • Resize your images to 1024 pixels on the long side (1024 x ??? or ??? x 1024) and 72 DPI.
    • Files should be named according to the following convention:
      • A class identifier, ‘n’ for novice or ‘u’ for unlimited, should prepend the file name and be followed by an underscore.
      • The image name should appear next. For multi-word titles, it is helpful to either capitalize the first letter of each word or separate each word with an underscore. Although most mechanisms of uploading/transferring/emailing files handle spaces in titles, this is not universal. If you have problems sending files with space-separated titles, try the methods mentioned above instead.
      • An underscore and the owner’s first and last initials should follow the title.
      • Finally, make sure the file extension (.jpg) exists.
      • Examples: Here are file name samples using the above convention:
        • u_BridgeOnTheRiverKwai_cb.jpg
        • u_bridge_on_the_river_kwai_cb.jpg
        • n_thistitleisveryhardtoread_cb.jpg
        • n_some have trouble with this_cb.jpg
    • We will send you an email to confirm we have received your images and that they are named and sized appropriately. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact the contest chairman at
    • If all else fails, you may bring your images to the meeting on a USB drive, but we may not be able to put them into the contest.