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2023 BW Photo Contest — MPA

Source: 2023 BW Photo Contest — Maryland Photography Alliance... Read More

Odyssey of Light 2023 — MPA

Source: Odyssey of Light 2023 — Maryland Photography Alliance... Read More

2021 Oct. 6: MPA – Brenda Hipsher

Have you ever spent an entire day editing images only to have your prints come back dark, flat and too warm? Tired of printing a half a box of paper to get a decent print? Does getting the color you... Read More

2021 Aug. 18: MPA – Jim Zuckerman

Compositing  Having the ability to combine photographs gives you the skill set to solve all kinds of photographic problems, to think outside the box, to be super creative, and to transform photos into true art.  This 90-minute presentation will teach... Read More

2021 Jul. 21: MPA – Ibarionex Perello

Improve Your Photography By “Getting Out of the Way” In this special presentation, photographer Ibarionex Perello discusses his approach to nurture and maintain his creativity as a photographer and a writer. He will talk about the common pitfalls shared by... Read More

2021 Jun. 14: MPA – Michael Cinnici

“How to Get the Most Out of Your Travel Photography” Mixing travel and photography can be beautiful and fulfilling, yet very challenging when it comes to planning and logistics. In this presentation you will learn how to maximize your photographic... Read More

2021 May 26: MPA – Roman Kurywczak

  Photographing Wildlife…From Portraits to Flight This webinar is an exciting educational program covering everything you will need to know about photographing wildlife in the field. It will include gear tips, camera settings, an in-depth segment on photographing birds in... Read More

2021 May 11: MPA – Lance Keimig

“How to Make a Night Photograph in any Lighting Situation“ Night photography is a broad genre of photography with specialized niches. Lance will share his system of simple steps to help you focus on what is important in each niche. Different... Read More

MPA – 2021 Photo Contest

Source: 2021 Photo Contest — Maryland Photography Alliance... Read More