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2023 Mar. 16: Program – Mark Battista – Composition: shooting with Intent

Mark Battista is a painter and fine art photographer specializing in portrait and still life photography. He graduated from Paier College of with a B.F.A. After working for several years as a fine artist and […]

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2023 Feb. 16; Program – Lori Lankford – Looks Like a Painting

Lori Lankford is an established nature photographer, digital artist, and instructor. Lori is known for her creative approach to photography – stunning flower portraits, abstract nature scenes, and creative close-ups.  Lori has photographed many of […]

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2023 Feb. 2: Program – John Milleker, Jr. – Aerial Photography

In this presentation, our club president John Milleker, Jr. will share with the audience his journey from disliking and resisting drones, to going all-in and adding it to his photography business as a certified part […]

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2023 Jan. 19: Program – Harry Crosland – Cosplay Photography

Join us on 19 January at 7PM for a program from Harry Crosland on Cosplay Photography. Harry has been into photography for as long as he could grasp a camera. He considers himself to be […]

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2022 Dec. 1: Program: Bob Webber – Photographing Glass

Join us on 1 December at 7PM for a program from Bob Webber on how photograph glass and the best way to light glassware and avoid annoying bright spots. Remember Glass is our contest theme […]

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2022 Nov. 3: Program – Jonathan Newton – Washington Post Photographer

Jonathan Newton is entering his 35th season as a professional photographer.  He joined the staff of The Washington Post in summer 2000. He started out at the Nashville Banner in 1986. After a little more […]

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2022 Sep. 29: Tabletop Night

On Thursday night 29 September we will host a tabletop night at the Severna Park Baptist Church starting at 7:00 PM. This will be the first tabletop night we have had in several years due […]

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2022 Oct. 20: R. Andrew Hoff – Taking a Different Path – Why I moved Beyond Landscape Photography

  Taking a Different Path – Why I moved beyond Landscape Photography For over 30 years, my work has centered on landscape and outdoor photography.  This program is about my conversion and new passion to […]

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2022 Sep. 15: Christine Milleker – Still Life Photography

Join us on 15 September for a presentation by Christine Milleker on Still Life Photography which is the theme for our October contests.  Christine has been our programs chair for the last few years and […]

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2022 May 12: Robin Kent – Low Light Photography

Robin Kent is a fine arts photographer best known for his dramatic images of Washington, DC.  He also has photographed more remote locations such as the backcountry areas of Yosemite National Park, the frozen landscapes […]

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