I travel extensively and so my photography is closely linked to my travels; I have been to over 50 countries. I’ve been very interested in it since the 1970’s and had a lot of opportunities to exercise my interest by virtue of having lived in both the Netherlands (in the 70’s) and Hawaii (in the 80’s), both exceptionally photogenic places. I got serious about it in 2011 when attending a family wedding in Bangladesh, probably the single most colorful event I have ever witnessed; knowing that it would be that way, I purchased my first professional-grade lenses for the occasion.

Since then, I’ve been variously president and VP of the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis for the past 4 years (I am currently president). I’m a member of the Maryland Federation of Art (MFA) and the Annapolis Arts Alliance. My photos have won a couple of awards (e.g., an honorable mention in the 2019 Washington Post travel photography contest) and at any given moment I usually have something hanging in a few venues around the area, e.g., BWI airport and the Circle Gallery in downtown Annapolis. I usually appear in about a dozen shows a year around the area. A year ago I had my first solo gallery exhibit, a show of 29 of my drone images displayed for two months in the Martino Gallery at Maryland Hall.