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2015 Sep. 16: Program Greg Holden

We will have a special program featuring Greg Holden, a Washington area photographer who is known for his website, www.

Greg travels widely and has a variety of creative photographs in his portfolio from many of his outdoor adventures. He has exhibited his work across the Washington and Northern Virginia areas and has won many awards for his macro, abstract, and landscape photographs. He has spoken before many photo groups in the area.

About Greg Holden

Photography is my way of sharing with others how I see the world around me. With all my photography, I am always looking beyond the obvious and photographing the little things that others might not even notice – like an acorn planting itself into the ground, a child with an odd expression or some detail of a building that goes overlooked by others.  Sometimes the most amazing things are right there under your feet.Most of my photos are from my adventures traveling and hiking in various parks.  I love the challenges that nature photography offers since you have to make the best of the situations that you discover.  But I also enjoy photographing people and places and I’ve even helped to photograph a few weddings. Any chance I get to take a picture and impart my creative vision, is a good day for me.Photography provides me with an artistic escape from my day job as an aerospace engineer.  I enjoy teaching others and sharing my passion, which is why I often include comments with my pictures so I can share with you what I was thinking or trying to achieve and how I did it.  I live in Maryland and am a member of the North Bethesda Camera Club.Follow me on Flickr.

Source: Greg Holden BIO & Contact

2015 April 8: Program – Matt Schmidt

About - Lorelei Studios

About – Lorelei Studios Matthew G. Schmidt As an amateur photographer, Matt covers a wide variety of subjects. In colder months, he often shoots indoors, mostly macro and still life, while in the warmer seasons he shoots landscapes, action, and motor sports. Over the last several years, he’s been developing his skills with more artistic photographic interpretations, incorporating …

2015 Mar. 18: Rescheduled Bill McAllen “The best stories in the world are just around the corner”

Speeding Along by Bill Mcallen

Since our meeting was cancelled this past week due to snow, Bill McAllen has been kind enough to reschedule to come talk to the club on March 18th. The title of his talk is “The best stories in the world are just around the corner.”

Bill McAllen has lived by the adage that the best stories in the world are just around the corner. You just have to know where to look and be ready when the moment arrives.

Since 1987 Bill has run his own photography business where he specializes in shooting portraits on location and the shipping industry.

When not shooting for clients like the Port of Baltimore and Brown Advisory, Bill pursues his own projects like the building and sailing of the Pride of Baltimore II on which he sailed all through Europe and Asia.

He documented the restoration of the USS Constellation over a two-year period and the creation of Maryland’s 9/11 Memorial.

In 1998 Bill and his publishing partner Sarah Achenbach produced and self-published the award winning “Spirit of Place / Baltimore’s Favorite Spaces”, which is a series of 58 portraits taken on location across the city from inside Peabody Library to the pond at Patterson Park.

Bill will speak about his experiences as a professional photographer, the importance of finding new projects to keep you excited and the rewards and pitfalls of self publishing.

2015 Feb. 4: RESCHEDULED Program – Steve Buchanan Food Photography

We were able to reschedule Steve Buchanan for February 4th to give his program on “Food Photography.” You will remember Steve as our December judge for night photography. Steve also gave us a program on “Food Photography” September 2010.

2015 Jan. 7: Program – Steve Sattler “Macro Photography and Focus Stacking”

January 7: For the first program of 2015 Steve Sattler will present a program on “Macro Photography and Focus Stacking.” You may remember Steve’s presentation to the club on travel photography last year.

2014 Nov. 19: Program – Scott Dine

Scott Dine, well known photojournalist will provide a special presentation on photojournalism and environmental portraits. The meeting begins at 7:30 pm at Severna Park High School. Scott’s presentation will be particularly valuable to photographers looking for strategies for producing good quality environmental portraits. Because the club is planning a competition later in the spring for environmental portraiture, Scott’s presentation will be especially helpful for members planning to participate. Scott was awarded a lifetime membership to the Arundel Camera Club in May 2014.

2014 Oct. 29 – Table Top Night

This coming Wednesday night, August 29th we are having a Table Top Night. What is Table Top Night you ask? It’s an opportunity to bring your camera, lights if you have them, stuff to photograph (e.g., knickknacks, flowers, glass, tablecloths, etc.), and have some fun. See the photos below for an example. The setup photo below shows how the light, reflector, background, bottle, and glass were setup to get the photo on the bottom. If you don’t have lights, don’t worry about it, we will bring some to share. We will setup on several tables around the classroom and people can rotate between them.

The theme for this table top night will be abstract. This will help club members prepare for the abstract competitions in February.

TableTop-Setup TableTop-Bottle

2014 Oct. 15 – Program – Steve Rosenbach – Abstract Photography

This Wednesday we have a special speaker, our very own Steve Rosenbach. Steve is well known to many area photographers for his New York City photo walks. Among his best known images are a number of abstract photos that capture unique repeating patterns and color abstract images from natural and architectural subjects. The presentation is especially aimed at members interested in shooting their own abstract images for submission in a spring abstract photo competition planned for the club.

2014 Oct. 1 – Wednesday Night Program – Don Rosenberger

The club will host guest speaker Don Rosenberger, a well-known professional photographer from the Washington DC metro area. He will do a special presentation on night photography. Don is well known for his workshops on light painting, photographing star trails, nighttime landscape and cityscape photographs. He will explain the tools needed to take the photographs, the special techniques he uses, and the post processing approaches he uses to produce award winning images from those photographs.

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