Please join us on 2 November for a presentation by Matt Hanson on Food Photography.

Abstract: Matt Hanson is the owner and operator of Culinary Perspectives, based out of Columbia, MD. He has created a unique style of cookbook that blends photography, design, history, and food. His books are created in a unique way. First, he interviews people as they cook their family meals in their kitchens. While they cook, Matt takes photographs and asks questions about the meal. He will then remake the recipes, take product shots of the food, and ultimately design a book around all the content. He started creating books in 2014 as a graduate school project. It has since blossomed into a small business. Matt will talk about a variety of topics that range from food photography, design, self-publishing, and his process of bringing everything together. 

In addition to designing cookbooks. Matt is a high school photography teacher in Howard County. You can read more about his process and see examples of his work at ( 

You can also see his work on his Instagram page (

Interested in making your own cookbook? Visit for more information