Mark Battista is a painter and fine art photographer specializing in portrait and still life photography. He graduated from Paier College of with a B.F.A. After working for several years as a fine artist and illustrator, Mark received a M.S. in Art Education degree from S.C.S.U and has served in the West Haven School System as an art teacher for the past 35 years. He continues to work as a fine artist and photographer and teaches workshops and one on one tutoring throughout the U.S. He recently presented several days of workshops at the New England Camera Club Council’s Annual Conference at UMASS College at Amherst and the Booth Museum in Cartersville, GA..

Mark’s artwork and photography has been internationally recognized and has won awards from organizations such as the Salmagundi Art Club in NYC, the New York Center For

Photographic Arts, the American Artists Professional League and the CT Watercolor Society. He recently won the Grand Prize and Second Place in an international exhibit through nyc4pa.

Mark is an elected member of the Salmagundi Club, as well as the American Artist Professional League, and the American Watercolor Society.

He is represented by the Salmagundi Club in NYC.

Feel free to visit his website at for more information.

Mark Battista, Artist, and Fine Art Photographer, will share his insight on composition to create images that tell a story, effectively communicate an idea, and express an emotion.  Come explore ways of taking your photography to a whole new level using compositional strategies to create more visually impactful images. Mark’s years of training and working as a painter has influenced how he arranges elements in his photographic images. Discover ways of composing inspired by master painters of the past and learn how to apply those skills to your photographic imagery.

Topics covered include:

  • Line
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Value
  • Creating a focal point through contrast of tone, color or area of focus
  • Point of view/ framing a subject
  • Balance and visual weight vs. “Rules”