Join us on 1 December at 7PM for a program from Bob Webber on how photograph glass and the best way to light glassware and avoid annoying bright spots. Remember Glass is our contest theme for February.

Bob Webber started capturing images about 1960 when he made a camera out of a cardboard box and his grandmother’s opera glasses while living in Ghana, but serious photography started with a 35mm film SLR camera in 1971 while visiting his American aunts, uncle, and cousins in Wisconsin. Trained as a Physicist/Biomedical Engineer and towards the end of a 30-year career in IT/Healthcare he took up the challenge of making art with photography. To that end he joined the Arundel Camera Club in 2014 where he really learned what makes fun and interesting images. Given his engineering mind set he tends to macro photography of interesting (at least in his view) mechanisms, insides of gadgets and odd bits of laboratory or medical glassware. As a sideline he collects unusual items such as fluorescent glassware and pretty perfume bottles.