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2020 May 6: Photo Assignment: Macro Photography

Inspired by Christine Milleker’s presentation last night on Macro Photography.. A Macro Photo Assignment! You have two weeks to complete the next photo assignment if you choose to accept it. On our live stream at 7pm EST, Wednesday May 6th we will showcase all entries and a panel of photographers will discuss with positive critique, each photograph. Please read and understand the rules! Failing to adhere to these guidelines may result in your image not being featured. Submit no more than THREE macro shots by Tuesday May 5th at 5pm EST as a reply to the Facebook assignment thread and as a backup, send a copy in e-mail to If you do not use Facebook, you are welcome to just send the images via E-Mail. Stick to our standard sizing guidelines for entry submissions, 72 DPI and no larger than 1024 pixels on the largest side. You do not need to be a paid member of the Arundel Camera Club to participate.. For each shot include what the subject is (if it’s not apparent), how it was shot and what equipment you used. Remember you do not need anything special to create something for this assignment. Crop the image from a standard lens, use a macro lens, close up filters, extension tubes or more. I wouldn’t even be surprised if we see someone shooting through a magnifying glass or a microscope. Really let your imagination run wild and learn to look at the small details in the ordinary around your home. Once you do, you’ll never run out of photo subjects!  

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2020 Apr. 8: Panel Critique Photo Challenges

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2019 Jan. 2: Photo Challenge/Talk

Based on club member feedback, we are trying something new this club year. A number of club members wanted the opportunity to just come share and talk about their photographs. No competition, just talk. So we are going to have photography challenges throughout the club year and meetings where we talk about the photos we took during those challenges.

The photo challenge in the month of December is to take photos that celebrate the holidays. The photos must be taken during the month of December 2018. We should just go ahead and include New Year’s Eve as well. Photographers may not use older photographs (i.e., old Christmas photos).

On January 2nd our meeting will be dedicated to discussing the photos taken by club members during the December challenge with the theme of holidays.

Photographs will be submitted digitally using the same processes used during digital competitions. Each club member may submit two digital images.

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