Multi Use Cards – Not only will they tell servers what food you ordered but for those that want to participate in door prizes you can use the back of your card.

During the Business Meeting, it was agreed that more fundraising events would be great to have.  During our banquet this year – there will be 3 different fundraising opportunities to take part in!  I have recruited some volunteers to help me, and we will be selling 3 different types of raffle tickets. One for each fundraiser (each fundraiser will have it’s own colored ticket).  We will have a 50/50 raffle,  Multiple Drawings for Single Raffle items,  and One Special Drawing for a themed basket to help you with one of the contests for next year. 

I wanted to give you the pricing for each of the tickets ahead of time:

  • $1 – 1 Ticket
  • $10 – 12 Tickets
  • $20 – Double Arm Length!

Of course – the $20 is the best deal! So bring some cash and let’s have some fun in raising money for our club!

I have had a couple people donate some more items and that’s great! There’s still time to donate if you would like. Donations are accepted through Wednesday, May 15th, 2019.  We have photography and non-photography related items for the fundraiser!  

We will also have a couple door prizes to give out – your dinner name tag is your entry for those prizes!!

Looking forward to see everyone at the banquet!