How It Works

You will get detailed rules closer to the event. We host live Q&A sessions on September 6 and September 13.
  1. Receive list of topics and checkpoints – On Saturday, September 18, 10:00 am you r team will get an email with the list of topics and checkpoints in Washington D.C. to visit. We suggest to be in the city by that time.
  2. Take a photo per topic – 8 photos on 8 topics within 8 hours. Be original. Be on topic. Be artistic. Make 1 Instagram post per 1 photo. Use your smartphone or any other digital camera. Photo montage isn’t allowed (Instagram filters are ok). Try to construct/arrange/catch/spot a great shot.
  3. Submit your work – Use our form to submit links to your public Instagram posts. You get significant bonus points for the speed of the finish. Teams get penalty points for every skipped checkpoint. Our judges will evaluate every photo by criteria. Then organizers will calculate total points for every team. In the case of a draw, the faster submission time wins.
  4. Participate in exhibition – Gather together in the outdoor Metrobar (Sep 19, Sun, 1 pm) to show your work. Each participant will vote for his/her favorite team. You are not allowed to vote for your team 😜. The best gallery gets a prize!
  5. Watch awards ceremony – On Monday, September 20, 6 pm come here (online) to see the best photos per topic and the $1,000 grand prize winner.

$25/Team ($5/Team Member)

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Send us email if you have any questions