Greg Holden

The Arundel Camera Club would like to thank our September digital contests judge Greg Holden. Greg was kind enough to join our FaceBook Live Steam and judge our first contests for the 2020-21 club year. The theme was open and we had 84 images submitted. Greg did a great job providing excellent constructive feedback. If you missed it, you can watch it on FaceBook.

Greg Holden is a photographer from Denver, Co who uses his photography to share with others how he sees the world. Greg is an avid hiker and while most of his photos are from visits to National Parks, some of his best photos are from outings closer to home.  While Greg has enjoyed photographing many beautiful sunrises and grand landscapes, he finds that the little scenes often overlooked by others are the ones that fuel his creativity. 

Greg enjoys teaching others and sharing his passion for photography and prior to moving to Colorado in 2019 was a regular speaker and judge at clubs throughout the MD/VA area and taught at Capital Photography Center in DC.

You can see Greg’s work on his website

 Fun Facts about Greg:

  • Greg moved to Denver, CO in Jan 2019 and works as an Aerospace Engineer at Ball Aerospace (the same company as the Ball jar and canning corporation)
  • Greg has over 100 books on and about photography, but less than 10% of them are about camera instruction. Most are portfolios of well-known photographers from the early to mid 1900s, such as Alfred Stieglitz, Minor White, Eliot Porter, Man Ray and MD native A. Aubrey Bodine
  • Greg prefers to create interesting photos that make you think, rather than “pretty pictures”
  • Greg has been a serious photographer for over 14 years since my wife bought me my first DSLR for Christmas, a Nikon D50.  Within a year, I was already talking about upgrading my camera!
  • Greg now has 3 tripods, 3 camera bodies, 11 lenses, 5 camera bags and a drawer full of accessories I just “really needed” once upon a time.
  • Greg has a pile of discarded camera bags, finally deciding that Airport Communter by Think Tank was the perfect bag for him
  • Other than my light painting composites, I don’t use Photoshop for my editing.  I currently use Lightroom with On One and Nik Software plug-in collections