Mono Prints – Novice

1st – Fred Venecia Ms. McAlpine
2nd – Julie Bennett Monarch
3rd – Louis Sapienza Carnival
4th – Marylou Burleson Serenity
HM – Cheryl Kerr Between Skirmishes

Mono Prints – Unlimited

1st – Ron Peiffer Clock Work
2nd – Chuck Gallagos The Back Forty
3rd – Mike Thomas Danielle
4th – Greg Hockel Rest In Peace
HM – Chuck Gallegos Sidelines
HM – Greg Hockel Run Aground

Color Prints – Novice

1st – Julie Bennett Sunlit Wings
2nd – Marylou Burleson Dazzling Star of Annapolis
3rd – Fred Venecia Hello
4th – Marylou Burleson Beauty and Grace in Purple
HM – Marylou Burleson Canine Off Duty

Color Prints – Unlimited

1st – Churck Gallegos Golden Falls
2nd – Cathy Hockel Bubble Blower
3rd – Louis Sapienza Dinner Time
4th – Ron Peiffer View From The Top
HM – Cathaleen Ley Sister Piers
HM – Chuck Gallegos Symmetry

Digital – Novice

1st – Cheryl Kerr Foggy Sunrise
2nd – Marylou Burleson Sailing At Sunset
3rd – Zoe Smith Grand Canal
4th – Tom Ley Fall Vista
HM- Cheryl Kerr Misty Morning
HM – Zoe Smith Flow

Digital – Unlimited

1st – Cathy Hockel Wagon at Dusk
2nd – David Joyner Peabody
3rd – Chuck Gallegos A Different Drummer
4th – Chuck Gallegos Green Heron’s Gaze
HM – Cathy Hockel Rufous Hummingbird
HM – Greg Hockel Mountain & Clouds
HM – Ron Peiffer Manhattan View