Please join us on Thursday 1 February at 7:00PM at the Severna Park Baptist Church or on FaceBook Live for a program from one of our club members, Harry Crosland, on Mirrorless Cameras and what people should look for if they are considering on investing.

The world of photography is forever changing. One of the biggest changes in the past 10 years has been the move from DSLR cameras to mirrorless cameras. This discussion will examine why mirrorless cameras are so popular, the pros and cons of mirrorless cameras and what new consumers should expect when purchasing one.

Harry Crosland has been into photography for as long as he could grasp a camera. 

His subjects range from portraits, to sporting events and even crazy concepts such as toys and cosplay. When he is not shooting photos, his focus is helping novice photographers with learning how to use Lightroom and teaching the basics of shooting photos in manual mode.

In the past 10 years he has had his work published in Men’s Health magazine, Star Wars Insider magazine and Cosplay Realm magazines.  He has had his work featured at the Reginald Lewis Museum in Baltimore, MD. Also, he has done various panels across the US and Canada regarding cosplay and photography. One of his most recent accomplishments was organizing and running the Cosplay Contest and Cosplay Fashion Show at Baltimore Comic Con in October of this year.

You can see some of Harry’s photography here