Please join us on Thursday 4 April at 7:00PM at the Severna Park Baptist Church or on FaceBook Live for a program by Betsy Wilson titled “A Different Point of View.” 

Looking to enhance your images with an unusual or interesting new look? Need some ideas to jumpstart a photo slump or spark some new creativity?  Join us as presenter Betsy Wilson shows us some new twists to spark ideas to make your images look different than the ordinary. A different point of view can be quite literal, such as shooting from up high or down low, or it can mean making use of other tools such as creative depth-of-field

or specialty lenses. Or maybe, it is when we, the photographer, look at our subject, or even ourselves, in a different way. Many images and techniques will be shared to enrich any photographer’s portfolio of new and very different ways to add some “wow” to images.

Betsy began learning photography after retiring from a career as a newspaper publisher.  Her husband Jim gave her his hand-me-down camera and a lot of encouragement, and he now claims he created a monster.  Her passion for photography includes a wide variety of types including macro, landscape, and nature photography.   In addition to being honored as Photographer of the Year Award at the Chester County Camera Club in Pennsylvania, she has received numerous recognitions for her artistic photography including a Silver Medal awarded at the Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography, and First Place Award in Photography at the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Betsy is an active member of the Chester County Camera Club and has given numerous presentations and led workshops for area camera clubs. You can see more of her images at Betsy and Jim’s website