Join us on 15 September for a presentation by Christine Milleker on Still Life Photography which is the theme for our October contests. 

Christine has been our programs chair for the last few years and has given presentations on Macro Photography and Cyanotypes in the past.  Christine has always been interested in photography, but her skill really grew once she met John in 2000s.  She has been a member of the Arundel Camera Club off and on since 2009.  Along with her husband John, she practices, teaches, and demonstrates almost every photographic process in history.   She works in historical processes and digital photography.  You can see her work at and listen to her and John discuss photography related issues on their podcast, Under a Red Glow.  

If you saw Chris’ presentation on Macro photography, which is still available on YouTube, you know we are in for an informative evening on still life. Chris will go over what still life photography is with examples and demonstrations. 

On 29 September we will have a chance to practice at our first tabletop night of the year. The goal is to give everyone a chance to practice their still life photography. Bring your cameras, lights, and stuff to photograph. Several of the more experienced photographers will help set up several stations.