2021 Mar. 10: Connie Imboden – 34 Years of Nudes, Water and Mirrors

Join the Arundel Camera Club on 2021 March 10th at 7:00PM on our Facebook Group Page for a FaceBook Live presentation by Connie Imboden.

Connie Imboden’s photographs are in the permanent collections of many museums including The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Baltimore Museum of Art, The National Museum of American Art, The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Bibliotheque Nationales in Paris, France, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany and many other public and private collections throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


 William Blake said, “The fool who persists in his (her) folly will become wise.” Since 1986 I have continuously, exclusively  and passionately pursued my “folly” of photographing the nude seen through the prisms of water or mirrors. These forms become refracted and distorted – at times, almost unintelligible, but they always maintain a connection to what they are – human. My journey has been both frustrating and euphoric. My presentation today will go into specific detail in terms of the technical, physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges I have encountered over these years, as well as the exciting discoveries I have made along the way.  

You can find more information at Connie’s website https://connieimboden.com/


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