Congratulations to the winners of our November Print Competitions – Open.
Thanks to our Judge Thomas A. Fretz.
Thanks to Jackie Colestock for record keeping.

Novice Color Prints
1st Place – Christine Milleker “Chromatic Pencils”
2nd Place – Cheryl Kerr “Little Zepher”
3rd Place – Cathaleen Ley “Dreamy OCean Trail”
4th Place – Louis Sapienza “Blowing Bubbles”
HM – Cheryl Kerr “Exploring Eveing”
HM – Susan Webber “Whispy”
HM – Cathaleen Ley “Churchyard at Twilight”

Unlimited Color Prints
1st Place – Donna Flynn “Reseraunt Rome”
2nd Place – Greg Hockel “Raining Morning on Lake Louise”
3rd Place – Donna Flynn “Laguardida Paladar Havana”
4th Place – Michelle Barkdoll “Memorial Flags”
HM – Chuck Gallegos “True Grit”
HM – Richard Chomitz “Street Calk”
HM – Chuck Gallegos “Cool Beach”

Novice Monochrome Prints
1st Place – Paul Eckstome “East Broad Top”
2nd Place – Cathaleen Ley “Frigid Tree”
3rd Place – Fred Venecia “Surfside”
4th Place – Louis Sapienza “Thinker”
HM – Ed Niehenke “Ferris Wheel”
HM – Cheryl Kerr “Union Encampment”

Unlimited Monochrome Prints
1st Place – Ron Pieffer “Canyon Hiker”
2nd Place – Chuck Gallegos “Mutton Cove”
3rd Place – Greg Hockel “Wyoming Moonset”
4th Place – Mike Thomas “Damask”
HM – Cathy Hockel “Opium Den”
HM – Chuck Gallegos “Rainy Day Naptown”
HM – Cathy Hockel “God Fingers”