Congratulations to the winners of our November Digital Competitions – Open.
Thanks to our Judge Joe Rooney (NSW).
Thanks to Jackie Colestock for record keeping.

Novice Digital
1st Place – Paul Eckstrom “Lancaster co sundown”
2nd Place – Jeremy Smith “On the Corner”
3rd Place – Christine Milleker “Tinted Yellow”
4th Place – Cheryl Kerr “Secret Trail”
HM – Bob Webber “No Refund”
HM – Cheryl Kerr “Moon Shadow Play”
HM – Cheryl Kerr “Rainy Day Reflections”
HM – Elaine Hambly “Fern At Sunset”

Unlimited Digital
1st Place – Michelle Barkdoll “Day Break Fog”
2nd Place – Steve Rosenbach “Fisherman on the Rocks”
3rd Place – Ron Peiffer “City Portal”
4th Place – Brian Flynn “Utah Vista”
HM – Cathy Hockel “Fishing”
HM – Dawn Grannas “Shoes”
HM – Donna Flynn “Havana”
HM – Fred Venecia “Suferside Pier”