We will have a special program featuring Greg Holden, a Washington area photographer who is known for his website, www. imagesunderfoot.com.

Greg travels widely and has a variety of creative photographs in his portfolio from many of his outdoor adventures. He has exhibited his work across the Washington and Northern Virginia areas and has won many awards for his macro, abstract, and landscape photographs. He has spoken before many photo groups in the area.

About Greg Holden

Photography is my way of sharing with others how I see the world around me. With all my photography, I am always looking beyond the obvious and photographing the little things that others might not even notice – like an acorn planting itself into the ground, a child with an odd expression or some detail of a building that goes overlooked by others.  Sometimes the most amazing things are right there under your feet.Most of my photos are from my adventures traveling and hiking in various parks.  I love the challenges that nature photography offers since you have to make the best of the situations that you discover.  But I also enjoy photographing people and places and I’ve even helped to photograph a few weddings. Any chance I get to take a picture and impart my creative vision, is a good day for me.Photography provides me with an artistic escape from my day job as an aerospace engineer.  I enjoy teaching others and sharing my passion, which is why I often include comments with my pictures so I can share with you what I was thinking or trying to achieve and how I did it.  I live in Maryland and am a member of the North Bethesda Camera Club.Follow me on Flickr.

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