Our next competition will be this Wednesday, November 12, 2014. We will have our Digital, Color Print and Monochrome Print competitions this month. You may enter three images in each.
The theme this month is OPEN. Competition rules, which include how to prepare your digital and print entries are also posted on our website at http://arundelcameraclub.org/rules-summary/

  • Digital – email your digital entries in by Tuesday, at noon. We will confirm receipt of them. Remember that the email address to send your digital entries to is contests@arundelcameraclub.org.

Please send your images as email attachments.
Please resize your images to 1024 pixels on the long side (1024 x ??? or ??? x 1024).
Files should be named according to the following convention:

A class identifier, ‘n’ for novice or ‘u’ for unlimited, should prepend the file name and be followed by an underscore.
The image name should appear next. For multi-word titles, it is helpful to either capitalize the first letter of each word or separate each word with an underscore. Although most mechanisms of uploading/transferring/emailing files handle spaces in titles, this is not universal. If you have problems sending files with space-separated titles, try the methods mentioned above instead.
An underscore and the owner’s first and last initials should follow the title.
Finally, make sure the file extension (.jpg) exists.
Examples: Here are file name samples using the above convention:

n_some have trouble with this_cb.jpg

  • Color and Monochrome Prints – Prints must be matted. The print and mat assembly may not exceed 16”x 20” in size. The contestant’s name, picture title, category, class, and contest date (month/year) must appear on the back of each print. Please, also include an arrow to indicate orientation of the print.