2018 Jul. 11: Photo Opportunity – Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company Carnival

Ritchie Highway & Magothy Bridge Road
Featureing Over 40 Attractions
Rides – Games – Foods
Midway Admission is Free
Every Night
is a “Wristband Night”
Ride all you want from 6 PM to Closing
For only $27.00 Per Person
Hours: 6 PM to 11 PM
Compliments of the Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company

Summer is just around the corner so it’s time to have some fun. Wednesday, July 11, 2018 – Meeting at the Earleigh Heights Carnival for some Light Painting. Bring your camera and tripods! We will meet at 6pm when the carnival opens, plenty of food, games and rides to part take in before it starts to get dark. If you are a beginner and/or have never done light painting before, our own club member, John Milleker Jr, will be on hand to help and to answer any questions. I’ve only done this a couple times and know it’s fun and a way to practice a different technique that I don’t do too often. Hope to see a few of you there!

Happy Summer and Happy Shooting!

– Michelle

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Cityscape Photo – Expert Photo Instruction

Expert Photo Instruction

Our own Steve Rosenbach is offering one-on-one and small group lessons for Lightroom and Photoshop. His Lightroom Quick-Start lesson will take you from zero to being a competent Lightroom user in about two hours…guranteed!.

More advanced and customized sessions are also available for both Lightroom and Photoshop. Steve also offers free after-training phone/email/text support for anyone who takes any of his lessons.

Steve offers one-on-one and small group lessons for all skill levels and most aspects of photography, including editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. His Lightroom Quick-Start lesson will take you from zero to being a competent Lightroom user in about two hours…guaranteed! More advanced and customized sessions are also available for both Lightroom and Photoshop, and like his workshops, I offer free after-training email/phone/text support for anyone who takes a lesson from me. He is happy to come up with a plan tailored to your current skill level and where you want to go with your photography.

Source: Cityscape Photo

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2018 June 16-18: Field Trip – Ocean City Maryland Air Show

ACC Members –

The first summer club field trip is just around the corner.   June 16-17, 2018 – Ocean City Maryland Air Show – You can purchase tickets to be at show center or shoot from the boardwalk or outside roped off area for free. Show center is 16th Street. There are shuttles that run from West OC park and ride straight to 16th St. http://ocairshow.com/  This year the Thunderbirds are the main headline.  A show you won’t want to miss.


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2018 May 29: Get Started With Lightroom and Making It Easy | The Annapolis Photography Workshop Group (Annapolis, MD) | Meetup

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2018 Jun. 23: Lightroom in a Day — Corey Hilz Photography

DATE: June 23, 2018
TIME: 9:00am – 5:00pm
LOCATION: 1616 H St NW, Washington, DC 20006
COST: $149

REGISTRATION: Register with Capital Photography Center

Learn Lightroom in a day. We’ll look at the 2 most powerful modules, the Library and the Develop Modules.

Learn how to use Lightroom to be in control of your digital workflow. This class is designed to make Lightroom easy to understand and put you in control of all it has to offer. It will cover your workflow from beginning to end: from importing and organizing to adjusting, sharing and exporting your images. Find out how to choose which adjustments to make, and in what order. We will spend our time in the Library and Develop modules.

Following the class all attendees will receive an extensive pdf handout with 130 pages of Lightroom tips, tricks and screen shots. It’ll be your post-class companion when you’re back at home working in Lightroom.

Topics include:

  • Adding metadata and keywords
  • Organizational tools: flags, stars and labels
  • Sorting and filtering images
  • Using Collections and Smart Collections
  • Recovering highlight and shadow detail
  • Adjusting contrast, saturation and vibrance
  • Fine-tuning (or completely changing) the white balance
  • Applying adjustments selectively with the Adjustment Brush
  • Graduated and Radial Filters
  • Retouching tools
  • Using the tone curve and targeted color adjustments
  • Removing chromatic aberration
  • Noise reduction
  • Sharpening
  • Processing multiple files
  • Exporting images in other file formats

Participants will need to bring a laptop (or even a desktop) with Lightroom installed so you can practice while the techniques are being demonstrated.

Source: Lightroom in a Day — Corey Hilz Photography

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Published 2018 May “Lens Line” Newsletter

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Published 2018 End of Year Slideshow

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2018 May 20: Field Trip – Baltimore Streetcar Museum


Baltimore Streetcar Museum

Through a combination of exhibits, displays, tours, video and photographic presentations, archive materials and, of course, streetcar rides on authentic Baltimore streetcars, the museum gives visitors a compelling sense of how previous generations traveled throughout the growing metropolis of Baltimore. A permanent collection of Baltimore street railway vehicles and artifacts represents one of the most comprehensive histories of an American city’s transportation past to be found anywhere.

Normal hours of operation are noon until 5:00 p.m.

Museum admission is $10.00. The admission fee entitles visitors to unlimited streetcar rides, plus access to the visitors’ center with its displays and museum store, and, when possible, a carhouse tour.

Source: Baltimore Streetcar Museum, Inc

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2018 Jun. 7: Service Photo Event

Service Photo is presenting an exciting event, with two exciting photographers speaking on Tuesday night June7th, and I hope that you will share it with the members of your camera club.    Full information is available by clicking a banner on our homepage – www.servicephoto.com, but even this information cannot fully explain the varied expertise & inspiration that these 2 photographers will bring.

Mike Corrado is the creator of the Nikon Ambassador program, and his presentation is all about the power & passion of photography.  Mike has worked in different capacities at Nikon USA for over 25 years, and is a really fantastic nature photographer.  He also does a great deal of photography for various charities throughout the New York area – and he’s got great examples of his work + lots of information to share about how photography can change the lives of many.    However, his favorite subject is the dynamic world of rock & roll concert photography.   His work is really different, and it is striking! Mike will discuss the cameras and lenses he chooses for the various subjects he encounters, the best camera and exposure settings to make, recognizing amazing light and many of the pro tips and techniques he has learned along the way. He’ll also share some of the behind the scenes stories, experiences and insight on many of the pictures he has made  – and those in attendance are bound to be inspired & motivated to make the best photographs possible!

Kristi Odom is an, award winning photographer who is most at home when traveling & in nature – and making lots of images along the way.  Kristi is also a motivational speaker, and one of Nikon’s newest ambassadors.  Kristi photographs weddings & events all over the world, and she captures the many emotions & personalities that make each event unique & special.  She also  photographs nature & wildlife,  teaches related workshops around the globe, and is active in several charities.  If you want to be motivated & encouraged to follow your passion, then you’ll want to see Kristi’s images and hear the inspiring stories.  http://www.kristiodomfineart.com/

Yes, Mike & Kristi are both Nikon photographers, but this event is truly for all types of photographers who use ALL brands of gear.  

  • Wedding Photographers
  • Travel Photographers
  • Nature & Wildlife Photographers 
  • Documentary Photographers   
  • This who use Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, Olympus, & Others!
  • And, MUCH MORE!

This event is being held at The Notre Dame of Maryland University, Knott Hall auditorium (same place as the MD Photo Alliance Presentation in March).  More formal information is available at http://servicephoto.com/files/nikon-ambassadors-05-09-18.pdf   And, tickets can be purchased at here.

Service Photo is preparing EXCLUSIVE offers to those who attend this event, valued at up to $250 per person.  As Maryland’s ONLY specialty camera store, we’re doing whatever we can to support photographers throughout the region.  We appreciate your sharing of this event with your members, and we look forward to seeing your club members at the event!


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2017 May 16: Club Events Contests

Wednesday May 16 we will have our Club Events Contest.

You may submit one color print, one monochrome print, and one digital image from each club event you attended during the club year.

For example if you attended five club events, you could enter 15 images (5 Digital, 5 color prints, and 5 monochrome prints).

You may reenter images that have been entered and won during normal competitions.

This year’s club events include:

  • Last Year’s Banquet
  • Summer Picnic
  • The Club Christmas Party
  • Tabletop Night
  • Christmas Photowalk
  • Field Trip: Brookside Gardens
  • Field Trip: Air Show at Andrews Air Force Base
  • Field Trip: Covered Bridges, Catoctin Furnace, and winery
  • Field Trip: Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary
  • Field Trip: Eagles at Conowingo Dam
  • Field Trip: U.S. Botanical Gardens, D.C
  • Field Trip: Chip’s Studio
  • Field Trip – Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower
  • Field Trip: Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America
  • Field Trip: Southern MD. Celtic Festival


We also allow a number of local events to count for the club events contests including:

  • Fourth of July fireworks shot anywhere in the local MD/D.C. area
  • Maryland Renaissance Festival
  • Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Show

The unlimited and novice best in show wins a free club membership respectively.

Competition rules, which include how to prepare your print entries are also posted on our web-site  http://arundelcameraclub.org/rules-summary/

  • Mono and Color Prints –
    • Prints must be matted.
    • The print and mat assembly may not exceed 20”in size on the longest edge.
    • The contestant’s name, picture title, category, class, and contest date (month/year) must appear on the back of each print.
    • PLEASE include an arrow on the back of the image to reflect orientation.
  • Digital –
    • Email your digital entries in by Tuesday evening. Remember that the email address to send your digital entries to is contests@arundelcameraclub.org.
    • Send your images as email attachments. Mac users need to put their images in a zip file and attach the zip file to the email.
    • Resize your images to 1024 pixels on the long side (1024 x ??? or ??? x 1024).
    • Files should be named according to the following convention:
    • A class identifier, ‘n’ for novice or ‘u’ for unlimited, should prepend the file name and be followed by an underscore.
    • The image name should appear next. For multi-word titles, it is helpful to either capitalize the first letter of each word or separate each word with an underscore. Although most mechanisms of upload-ing/transferring/emailing files handle spaces in titles, this is not universal. If you have problems sending files with space-separated titles, try the methods mentioned above instead.
    • An underscore and the owner’s first and last initials should follow the title.
    • Finally, make sure the file extension (.jpg) exists.
    • Examples: Here are file name samples using the above convention:
      • u_BridgeOnTheRiverKwai_cb.jpg
      • u_bridge_on_the_river_kwai_cb.jpg
      • n_thistitleisveryhardtoread_cb.jpg
      • n_some have trouble with this_cb.jpg
    • We will send you an email to confirm we have received your images and that they are named and sized appropriately. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact the contest chairman at contests@arundelcameraclub.org.
    • If all else fails, you may bring your images to the meeting on a USB drive, but we may not be able to put them into the contest.

Good luck and see you Wednesday night.

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