February 2019 Print Contests Results

Novice Color
1st Place – Jackie Colestock – Peas N Teas
2nd Place – Rich Stolarski – Little River
3rd Place – Marilou Burleson – Going Your Own Way
4th Place – Paul Wilcox – Ocean Buoy
HM – Elaine Hambly – After the Rain
HM – Marilou Burleson – Pink Angel

Unlimited Color
1st Place – Michelle Barkdoll – Pot
2nd Place – Ron Peiffer – Constant Witness
3rd Place – Cathy Hockel – Tufted Titmouse
4th Place – Fred Venecia – Liz
HM – Donna Flynn – A Couple In Sync
HM – Ron Peiffer – Sunset on Jackson Square
HM – Dawn Grannas – Horse’s Tail

Novice Mono
1st Place – Jackie Colestock – Long Walk Home
2nd Place – Rich Stolarski – Tires
3rd Place – Ed Niehenke – Happy Visions
4th Place – Jackie Colestock – Warriors Each and All
HM – Paul Wilcox – Fountain Teeth
HM – Ed Niehenke – Madrid Monument

Unlimited Mono
1st Place – Donna Flynn – Juan
2nd Place – Cathy Hockel – Lazy Day at the Ruin
3rd Place – Ron Peiffer – Thunder in the Valley
4th Place – Donna Flynn – The Cellist
HM – Michelle Barkdoll – Hot in There
HM – John Milleker, Jr. – Solder Tin Type
HM – Christine Milleker – Fern

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Published 2019 February “Lens Line” Newsletter

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2019 Feb 23: Studio Outing (Setup 9am/Start 10am)

Photo by Ron Peiffer

On Saturday February 23, club members will converge on Chip Bulgin’s studio in Baltimore where we can shoot table top still life, portraits of each other, models, discuss post processing, and do lighting tutorials.

We will be doing studio photography with strobe lighting. We will have several stations/sets available for photographing both human and still-life type objects. Feel free to bring your own lights if you have them. Also feel free to bring stuff and/or people to photograph. You will need a camera with a hot-shoe and a short prime (fixed) or telephoto lens. Something like an 18-55mm, 50mm, 85mm, 18-135mm, and the like should be perfect.

For tabletop club members will bring their cameras and stuff to photograph. Flowers and food are always popular. If you have strobes bring them. Also backdrops and tablecloths can be useful. Unlimited members will work with novice members to share tips and tricks to improve their still life and macro photography.

The address is 3500 Parkdale Ave. Baltimore, MD 21211. The building is on the right-hand side of the street. It’s an old 3 story brick building that used to be a mill. There is a parking lot just past the building up a concrete ramp that has approximately 10 spaces. There is also parking on the street. Go in the blue doors from the street. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor. Chip’s studio is on the left.

If you are attending or have any questions, please send an email to our club Chip at president@arundelcameraclub.org.

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2019 Mar. 9: Field Trip – Anita C. Leight Estuary Center, Otter Creek Component

Located on the shores of Otter Point Creek, the Estuary Center is open to the public seven days a week, year round, except for holidays. 2 miles of hiking trails through dappled upland forests of black gum and maple trees.

One of the few remaining large freshwater tidal marshes in the upper Chesapeake Bay accessible to the public. Otter Point Creek is a shallow tributary located at the headwaters of the Bush River in southern Harford County, MD. The Otter Point Creek Component consists of two land areas (Leight Park and the Melvin G. Bosely Conservancy) connected by 261 acres of shallow open water. Leight Park is 93 forested acres owned by Harford County Parks and Recreation and home to the Estuary Center. The Bosely Conservancy is 350 acres of tidal marsh and wooded wetlands owned by the Izaak Walton League of America – Harford County Chapter.

Hours of Operation

The Anita C. Leight Estuary Center Building is open to the public:
Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Leight Park
Open daily dawn to dusk
(Gates close at dusk)

To reach the Anita C. Leight Estuary Center:

Get Directions

The Anita C. Leight Estuary Center is located in Leight Park in Southern Harford County, just 18 miles north of Baltimore, and is easily located from Interstate 95.

  • Take Exit 77A off of Route I-95, Route 24 South to Edgewood
  • Turn left onto the Route 40 access road
  • Turn left at the T onto Route 40 East
  • Proceed east 1.5 miles
  • Turn right at the stop light onto Otter Point Road
  • Proceed 1/2 mile, then turn right into the driveway at the Anita C. Leight Estuary Center entrance sign, 700 Otter Point Road

Get Directions from Google Maps.

Source: Anita C. Leight Estuary Center, Otter Creek Component

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Photo Beach Bash 2019 » Coastal Camera Club

The is the 6th year the Coastal Camera Club is hosting this exciting event. As in past years, the highlight will be presentations by four nationally-known photographers:

JOE BRADY: a photographer, educator, author and workshop leader speaking about an approach to creating images that make you smile. Joe is our keynote speaker,
RAD DREW: a well-known expert in the growing field of Smartphone Photography, talking about how to use your smartphone to create images with impact,
CHASE FAHSBENDER: a specialist in street photography from NYC, sharing his story on how street photography invigorated his passion for his art, and
JAY FLEMING: a local photographer who has achieved national recognition through his passion for the Chesapeake Bay and photographing people who make their living on and around the Bay. He’ll share that with us.

The event will be held again at the Atlantic Sands Hotel, right on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. The doors will open at 8:00am when you’ll be able to have a beverage while you visit our Photo Flea Market and stop by and chat with any of our exhibitors. So far B&H, Fujifilm, Parcel Plus, Cameras,etc., and Tamron will be on hand with more to come. You can also peruse a selection of winning images from CCC members in the Gallery on the 4th Floor.

I am happy to announce that the host hotel for the Photo Beach Bash, the Atlantic Sands, has reduced their block room rate from $130 to $105/night and moved the deadline out to February 28th. This is a great deal for those of you coming to the Bash from a little bit farther away, or for anyone just wanting to take advantage of the boardwalk location to, e.g., be around for some sunrise shots over the Atlantic Ocean. So if you are interested in taking advantage of this great offer, call the Sands at 1-800-422-0600 and ask for the room rate for the Photo Beach Bash.

The program starts at 9am and will conclude with a drawing for a wonderful selection of door prizes around 6:30. We’ll take a 2-hr. lunch break at 12, and this year we’re happy to say that in addition to nearby eateries, the hotel’s restaurant will be open. You’ll have plenty of time to revisit the exhibitors, and, if you’d like, get one or two of your images that you brought along critiqued by our presenters in the 4th Floor Gallery.

Tickets are now on sale, same prices as the last time; $25 ‘til then end of February, $30 after that including at the door (but cash only).

Visit our website at www.coastalcameraclub.com, go to our Photo Beach Bash page, and click through to the Eventbrite page to sign up. There are other useful links on our site which will enable you to learn more about our presenters.

Source: Photo Beach Bash 2019 » Coastal Camera Club

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2019 Feb. 13: Contests – Color & Monochrome Prints – Open

Our next competitions will be Wednesday, 13 February 2019. We will have color prints and monochrome prints. You may enter three in each.

The theme this month is Open, so any subject is good.

Competition rules, which include how to prepare your entries are posted on our website.

  • Monochrome and Color Prints– Prints must be matted. The print and mat assembly may not exceed 20” size on the longest edge. The contestant’s name, picture title, category, class, and contest date (month/year) must appear on the back of each print.  PLEASE include an arrow on the back of the image to reflect orientation. For example

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2019 Feb. 18: Field Trip – Library of Congress

Photo by Michelle Barkdoll

The Library of Congress Reading Room has been described as the most beautiful room in Washington, DC (The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown), but unless you have a researcher card you’re not allowed inside.  It’s not difficult to get a researcher card but they discourage people from getting them just to check out the room because they are nice, plastic-printed, photo IDs.  With that said, most people don’t get a chance to see this beautiful room except for a small overlook.  Worst of all, photography isn’t even allowed from the overlook so you have no chance to capture the room’s amazing architecture.

However, twice a year, on Presidents’ Day (in February) and Columbus Day (in October), the Library of Congress opens up the Reading Room to visitors and photographers. The Main Reading Room will be open to the public on the federal Presidents Day holiday, Monday, February 18, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Main Reading Room is located on the first floor of the Library’s Thomas Jefferson Building, 10 First St. S.E., Washington, D.C.   American Sign Language interpreters will be available during the open house.

The Jefferson Building will open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In lieu of the normal tour schedule, docents will be available to talk with visitors about the Jefferson Building, its history, art and architecture and the Library’s collections and exhibitions between 9:30 am. and 4:30 p.m.

Parking in Washington D.C is free on holidays.

Source: Semi-Annual Main Reading Room Open House on Presidents Day | Library of Congress

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2019 May 15: Club Events Contests

Good Morning ACC Members and Happy February!

The other day I was asked about the Club Events Contest at the end of the year, and it got me thinking.  Now is actually a good time to start planning and prepping for the May 15, 2019 contest event.  Now, I’m not talking about printing and mounting (unless you want to do that this early),I’m talking about taking some time and going back through your photos, marking which ones you want to use, and process them awhile.  Save them in a folder and print at a later date.  Most times, we all wait until the last minute and end up only submitting a couple or none at all when we really do have more we could of entered!

Now – for those of you who are new to the club, or veterans of the club who have never submitted before – The Club Events Contest is any event starting from last year’s end of year banquet through April 2019 field trip.  (Below is a list of events that count for this year’s contest).  You may submit one digital, one monochrome print and one color print FOR EACH EVENT!! That’s right – EACH EVENT!!  That’s why it’s always a good idea to plan ahead!    Example – If you attended ALL 22 events – you could submit 66 images!  If you only attended one event – you could submit 3 images! 

There will be two “Best in Show” awards that night – One Novice – One Unlimited.  Each award wins a free club membership for the 2019-2020 year!

And now’s the perfect time with the cold weather! Make yourself a cup of hot coffee, tea or cocoa, sit back and start reliving your fun outings throughout this past year. 

Looking forward to seeing all the photos entered this year! Here is your list:

  • 2018 End of Year Banquet
  • Ocean City Maryland Air Show
  • 155th Gettysburg – A Living History Event
  • July 4th Fireworks (In the state of Maryland)
  • Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Show
  • Kenilworth Lotus and Lily Festival
  • ACC August Picnic
  • Maryland State Fair
  • Maryland Renaissance Festival
  • Marley Station Car Show
  • Antietam Battlefield/Cemetery
  • Library of Congress
  • Cunningham Falls
  • Penn’s Cave
  • December Holiday Photos
  • Longwood Gardens
  • Chip’s Studio Outing
  • March – Favorite Food or Restaurant
  • Anita Leight Estuary Center
  • Sherwood Gardens
  • Historic Jerusalem Mill Village and Jericho Covered Bridge
  • Table Top Night / Studio Night at club meeting

If you have any questions, please fell free to ask!

Happy Shooting!


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2019 Jan 30: Portrait Night

Fred Photographing Cathaleen by Alan Hamerstrom

On Wednesday January 30th we will gather for a portrait night. Club members will bring in lights, backdrops, reflectors, light meters and cameras to learn and practice our portrait photography.

Club members will serve as volunteer models.

Experienced club photographers demonstrate lighting setups and posing techniques giving people a chance to play with and use lighting equipment including studio strobes and light meters.

Remember we have a low-key/high-key contests coming up so this is a great opportunity to learn and practice.

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January 2019 Digital Contest Results

Novice Digital
1st Place – Marilou Burleson – Annie
2nd Place – Elaine Hambly – Cancer
3rd Place – Ed Niehenke – Child Singing
4th Place – Rich Stolarski – Jeronimos Monastery Lisbon
HM – Zoe Smith – Wingtips
HM – Ed Niehenke – Lets Dance
HM – Julie Bennett – Surfin OC MD
HM – Rich Stolarski – Medicine Lake

Unlimited Digital
1st Place – Louis Sapienza – Looking for Food
2nd Place – Donna Flynn – Guardian of the Dunes
3rd Place – Fred Venecia – Sarah
4th Place – Ron Peiffer – Functional Art
HM – Dick Chomitz – Red and White Orchid
HM – Cathy Hockel – Here Comes Harry
HM – Chuck Gallegos – Little Church on the Corner
HM – Dick Chomitz – A Small Push

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