Sailboats start to gather approx. 6 PM. Races start at 6:15 PM and end approx. 7:30 PM, sometimes a bit earlier or later. Boats start from Tidewater Marina or from a location somewhere in the mouth of the river depending on wind direction. Boats end at Tidewater Marina…Concord Point Park and Hutchins Park are best for viewing.

Our schedule for the year follows, with the 6:15 to 7:30ish racing times except for the Hospice Regatta and HDGYC Invitational. Hospice is based on the Bob Hooper House event and the invitational is Saturday morning to afternoon out in the bay near Elk Neck and APG:

  • Spring Series April 20 – June 22 (Thursdays)
  • Hospice Regatta June 9
  • Welcome Regatta June 29
  • Fun Race July 6
  • Summer Series July 13 – September 14(Thursdays)
  • Bob McVey Regatta September 15
  • HDGYC Invitational September 30

Source: Thursday Sailboat Races | Havre De Grace MD Events