MPA has been working for you. Here are some events and recent news you’ll want to hear.  Hope you’re enjoying the summer.  Be safe and keep shooting!!

Ron Peiffer

  1. Artist Spotlight Webinar Series (
  2. Rick Sammon Webinar – Rick’s webinar titled “How to Get Motivated and Stay Inspired” will take place next Tuesday, July 14 at 4:00 PM.  It’s FREE.  Rick is a Canon Explorer of Light and has 40 years of knowledge to share.  Click the above link to register.
  3. Chuck Kimmerle’s Webinar Recording – The video is now available for viewing.  Chuck received rave reviews for his webinar last Tuesday, and if you missed it, now’s your chance to see “The Intrinsic Landscape in Black and White.  Just click the above link and scroll down.
  4. Maryland Food Bank – After just six webinars the “Artist Spotlight” series has raised over $8,800 for those in need.  This money has been used to provide 26,400 meals through the Maryland Food Bank.  Thanks to everyone who donated to this worthy cause.  If you want to donate, click on the above link.  A $1 donation helps feed 3 people!
  5. Facebook ( – Over 315 photographers have signed up so far, so if you have not done so yet all you need to do is have a Facebook account and click on the above link.  Once you’ve joined, you will be one of the first to know about MPA and club meetings, events, webinars, seminars……
  6. MPA Contest Award Winners ( – The contest is over, and the award winners have been notified, and if you want to see the winning images all you have to do is click on the above link to see some great artwork!
  7. The MPA Family is Growing – We welcome to the MPA Family the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis.  We received the good news last week.  Although the Digital Photography Club of Annapolis will officially be voted in during the next MPA Board meeting…. we couldn’t wait to tell you.  We have come of age at the magic 21 number of clubs!!!

Everybody stay safe and healthy!

From Your Friends at the Maryland Photography Alliance