Featured Photographer – Michelle Barkdoll (2020)

Michelle Barkdoll

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Our featured photographer this month is our field trip chairman Michelle Barkdoll. Michelle can always be found in the back corner of the classroom. She has put a tremendous amount of energy and effort into our field trips, club activities, and photo assignments. All of which has been extremely challenging given the COVID-19 restrictions. She coordinated our banquet which had to be rescheduled. She did a fantastic job with raffles at our Christmas party and banquet. She also coordinated our fundraiser at Brian Boru. Her photo of a deer won best unlimited photo at the club events contest this year.

ACC: How long have you been in the Arundel Camera Club? 

MB: Since 2007.  

ACC: What offices have yo held in the club?

MB: Field Trip Chair  (x2) and Snacks! (x1).

ACC: How long have you been into photography?

MB: I’ve been into photography my whole life.  Growing up I had a Polaroid 110 camera that I took everywhere.  Looking back over pics from growing up – I was the one always taking them.  Always behind the camera, never in front. Stayed with Photography through High School and did photos for the yearbook. 

ACC: What equipment do you shoot with?

MB: I’m an Canon Girl! Current is a 5dsr.  I also use a Lumix point and shoot.  

ACC: How would you describe yourself? Your photography?

MB: I have two.  Nature and People.  Nature is my go to place when I want to relax or just get some fresh air.  People – I love creating memories that last a lifetime.  It can be families, singles, couples, senior pics or some sort of family gathering as a party or special event as a wedding! 

ACC: How has your approach to photography evolved? 

MB: It has definitely evolved from going from film to digital and upgrading equipment as the years pass. Still shot film to this day, develop and process it myself. Depending on the scene or event is whether I go for film or digital.  It’s all about the mood of the scene you want to create. I like to get the shot in camera the way i want it and not have to worry with post processing images. 

ACC: What aspects of your work do you take the most pride in? 

MB: Aspects in detail, location and just creating those memories for others.

ACC: Noteworthy accomplishments? 

MB: I have publications in Newspapers and online articles and magazines.