October Theme: Light and Shadow:

This theme emphasizes the use of dynamic lighting, and by extension shadows to create mood and composition. It is not about the source of light, but rather its effect. Examples may include but are not limited to beams of light in dust, broken light filtering through trees or window blinds, “Rembrandt” portrait lighting, and the shadows they create.  The shadows created should also be a considered subject. Click here for examples of Light and Shadow photography.

Theme Light and Shadow - Louis Sapienza
Louis Sapienza
Theme Light and Shadow - Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas
Theme Light and Shadow - Fred Venecia
Fred Venecia

December Theme: Autumn

The autumn season is a season full of color, and change. Images should capture the essence of autumn: trees turning color, fall festivals, pumpkins, changing weather, etc. Images may focus on the natural aspect of the turning of seasons, or the human and cultural aspects of the season. Click here for examples of Autumn photographs.

Theme Autumn - Chuck Gallegos
Chuck Gallegos
Theme Autumn - Michelle Barkdoll
Michelle Barkdoll
Red Maple Leafs
Louis Sapienza

February Theme: Geometric Photography:

Uses lines, shapes, and patterns found in the world to create interesting compositions, balance and symmetry. The focus of the resulting images will be on the geometric lines, shapes and patterns formed; and the geometric aspect should be clearly conveyed. Subject matter may include, but is not limited to, Architectural, Urban, and Natural patterns. While there may be a sense of the abstract to this type of image, it is not a required component. There may also be a strong sense of repeating patterns, but this is also not required. The object is to “see” geometric shapes in the environment around you. Click here for examples of Geometric photography

Theme Geometric Photography - Cathy Hockel
Cathy Hockel
Theme Geometric Photography - Diane Vatcher
Diane Vatcher
Theme Geometric Photography - Bob Webber
Bob Webber

April Theme: Landscapes

Photographs of land, water, clouds or a combination of these in the outside environment. The image should not be a closeup.  An image of a single tree, flower, or building is not a landscape.  But a photograph of a forest or field of flowers is. A landscape photograph may include people, manmade objects and wildlife but these should complement the scene as a whole and not be the primary subject of the photograph. This theme includes Natural landscapes, and seascapes. Click here for examples of Landscapes.

Theme Landscapes - Tim Huesgen
Tim Huesgen
Theme Landscapes - Cheryl Kerr
Cheryl Kerr
Theme Landscapes - Doug Wood
Doug Wood