Thursday, December 21, at 7:00pm, Arundel Camera Club will have its last print contest of 2023 at Severna Park Baptist Church, and the theme will be:

 Craftsmen, Artisans, Musicians
This theme focuses on capturing the essence and creative spirit of individuals excelling in artistic pursuits. It highlights their dedication, skill, passion, and craftsmanship, showcasing the artistic process, attention to detail, and unique personalities of these individuals. The theme involves intimate moments and interactions, capturing artists at work, their tools, materials, and techniques, as well as the environments where they create. Lighting and composition are carefully utilized to accentuate textures and details, while framing creates a visual narrative of the artists’ journeys. Ultimately, this theme celebrates creativity and diverse artistic expressions, offering a glimpse into the world of talented individuals who bring beauty and inspiration to the world through their crafts.

If you are entering prints for competition, please arrive a little early so you can put your images in the correct stack.  The competitions have been well attended lately, and that is a good thing! Please be sure to carefully place your prints face-down on the appropriate stacks. Always be respectful of others’ photos and avoid sliding or scraping of photos as you place them.

A few reminders:

  1. Mattes can be no larger than 16” x 20” outside dimensions, but photographs as mounted can be whatever size you wish within those limits. Matts are suggested to be black or white.
  2. Label on the back should be neatly placed with the name of the photograph, name of the photographer, and date. You should also include an arrow on your label to advise the competition crew which side is up as they pass each photo through the viewing box. Click here for labels.
  3. Novice and Unlimited. Two classes of photos: Novice and Unlimited. Let us know if you are not sure what group you belong in. There are two different contests for each group—Mono and Color. You can submit three entries for the mono contest and three entries for the color contest. If you haven’t submitted to past competitions, click here to see rules, etc., or contact us.
  4. Judging: Here are the guidelines for judges.  Judges will look for composition and treatment. But they also consider the extent to which the photographer addressed the theme, in this case, Craftsmen, Artisans, Musicians.  See above for a definition. The judge will give feedback on each photo to help the photographer understand what was working for them and what could be done differently, from their perspective. Click here if you want to see the guide for judges.
  5. Video of August 31 Arundel Camera Club meeting if you want to review our reminders for how to get the most out of competitions. Click here for video.

Lastly, please take care when you place pick up your prints at the end of the night.  We need to take care to avoid damaging prints.