On Thursday night 29 September we will host a tabletop night at the Severna Park Baptist Church starting at 7:00 PM. This will be the first tabletop night we have had in several years due to the pandemic. Due to the nature of this activity, we will not be live streaming to FaceBook.

Club members will bring their cameras and stuff to photograph. Flowers and food are always popular. If you have strobes/lights/light boxes bring them. Also backdrops and tablecloths can be useful. Unlimited members will work with novice members to share tips and tricks to improve their still life and macro photography.

This is a great opportunity to create images for the October theme of Still Life.

The theme for October is Still Life. Still Life is a photograph of an inanimate object or group of objects arranged as the subject for a picture. It can serve as an exercise in skill and creativity, to show an artist’s understanding of composition, his ability to depict color harmony, form, texture, and the effects of light upon the objects. Click here for examples of Still Life.

Here are some images from previous tabletop nights.