New speaker for March 31. Quinn Jacobson will be giving a talk on his new project using Collodio-Albumen Negatives and Gum Over Palladium Prints.

Quinn Jacobson is an internationally recognized artist and educator. He was instrumental in reviving the Wet Plate Collodion process in Europe (2006-2011). He has an M.F.A. in historic photographic processes specializing in the wet plate collodion process. He’s published four books on the process. As of 2022, he is working on a new project using the Collodio-Albumen Dry Plate process and Gum Over Palladium printing. The work is about the Ute

Indians that once inhabited the land where he now lives. Quinn lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with his wife, Jeanne, and his cat, Moshe. He works as a full-time artist and part-time educator in historic photographic processes.


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