2022 Aug. 13: Field Trip – Clarksville Sunflower Market | Mary’s Land Farm

Enjoy the 3rd annual Sunflower Market at Mary’s Land Farm. With 6-acres and dozens of varieties of sunflowers in bloom, the market is the largest, most diverse pick-your-own sunflower patch in Maryland.

Mary’s Land Farm is excited to share another season of beautiful sunflowers with you! This year, our 6-acre sunflower field will feature over a dozen varieties of sunflowers ranging from 2ft tall to over 12ft tall. You will also see several different colors and shades of sunflower blooms; from classic summer yellow to orange and deep reds, and even pale yellow to almost-white! Our beautiful sunflower field is divided into several sections using manicured walking paths. Additionally, the farm is planting sections of wildflowers to promote the presence of some of our favorite pollinators, like butterflies and honey bees. During the month of August, you will be able to lose yourself among the blooms and take full advantage of the natural beauty surrounding you; perfect for family photos and selfies!

August 13, 2022 6 AM to 6 PM, Meet 11 AM
4979 Sheppard Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21042
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Source: Clarksville Sunflower Market | Mary’s Land Farm

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