Our third of four image critique sessions will be on FaceBook Live on 4 November 2021 and will be led by Janet Little Jeffers.

Maryland-based photographer Janet Little Jeffers has been exploring the world with a camera for decades, committing to a full-time art career in 2009. Informed by her background as an award-winning publications designer and interior designer, her photography homes in on details that most people overlook, as her work explores intimate and abstract elements in the natural and manmade worlds. Her passion for nature and travel has taken her to locations across the globe, from Africa to Antarctica, but her inspiration comes from subjects even in her own backyard, approached with a sense of exploration and an open frame of mind.

Janet’s work has been featured in exhibitions throughout the east coast, on book and magazine covers, in film and video, and in permanent installations for institutions and businesses such as University of Maryland Medical System and Pharmaceutics International, Inc. She currently works from a studio in Baltimore’s historic Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower. In addition to creating, printing, and displaying her work for private sale, commissions, and large-scale installations such as wall and window murals, she is a sought-after judge and presenter for photography groups and camera clubs throughout the Baltimore-Washington area.


Only Paid members can submit images for critique.

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Here is your chance! Only three critique sessions left for this fall. At each, you and 5 fellow club members will each get 15 minutes one-on-one with a critique leader who has actually judged for Arundel Camera Club in the past year. The reviews are free for dues-paying members, low stress, informative, and they promise to be a lot of fun.

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