Please join us on 13 January for a presentation on “Architectural Photography” by long time club member David Joyner.

David Joyner joined the Arundel Camera Club in the late 1990s. When he first joined, he was just a rank beginner with a Nikon D50, but down the hall from his office at the USNA was then club president, the late Howard Penn. Howard provided both encouragement and wise advice, a black belt helping out a scrawny white belt. Now, even with his Sony A7R3, David’s still a beginner compared to the aces but having lots of fun learning how to be better.

At the ACC, he’s served in various capacities: webmaster, newsletter editor, program chair, competition co-chair.  Now that he’s retired from the USNA, he helps out the ACC in small ways, such as co-webmaster and co-managing their new Instagram account, @arundelcameraclub.  You can see some of his photos on Instagram @w_d_joyner. Click here to see some more of his photos.

Architectural Photography Abstract – According to Wikipedia, architectural photography is the sub-genre of the photography discipline where the primary emphasis is capturing photographs of buildings and similar architectural structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate in terms of representations of their subjects. With numerous examples, I will show you how to take inaccurate photographs of buildings and similar architectural structures by focusing on the underlying geometry. Whether they are aesthetically pleasing or not, I leave up to you!