Novice Monochrome Prints
1st Place – Cathaleen Ley “Osprey on the Move”
2nd Place – Cathaleen Ley “Moody Blue Tree”
3rd Place – Laura Lindsay “Wet Willie”
4th Place – Paul Ekstrom “Elakala Falls”
HM – Fred Venecia “Francis Street”
HM – Cathaleen Ley “Beer Vats”

Unlimited Monochrome Prints
1st Place – Mike Thomas “Top Hat”
2nd Place – Donna Flynn “Havana”
3rd Place – Cathy Hockel “Juvinile Bald Eagle”
4th Place – Mike Thomas “Stormy Skiess”
HM – Dawn Grannas “Electric Leaves”
HM – Ron Peiffer “Off the Highline”
HM – John Milleker “Do a Flip”

Novice ColorPrints
1st Place – Louis Sapienza “Orange Leaf Abstract”
2nd Place – Cathaleen Ley “Paradise”
3rd Place – Fred Venecia “Blue Jay”
4th Place – Paul Ekstrom “Great Falls Virginia”
HM – Fred Venecia “Audrey”
HM – Laura Lindsay “Taste of Summer”

Unlimited Color Prints
1st Place – John Milleker “Speed Bump”
2nd Place – Chuck Gallegos “True Grit”
3rd Place – Mike Thomas “Balloon Flower”
4th Place – Brian Flynn “Dawn’s First Light”
HM – Greg Hockel “Blast off to Sunrise”
HM – Bob Webber “Sorta Spider Web”
HM – Greg Hockel “Chic Hotel”