We will need all winning prints by May 2nd. You can start bringing them tonight.

Any photograph which has won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place in a monthly contest is eligible to be entered in the year-end judging of that program year in the class in which it was originally entered, regardless of the contestant’s current class standing. It shall be the responsibility of the maker to return any eligible photograph to the Contest Chairman by the date designated for the year-end judging.

The year-end competitions will be held off site on May 5th and general attendance by club members will not be allowed. Typically three judges will be used to judge the year-end competition. Voting shall be done electronically using the club voting box.

No reprints will be allowed in the year-end contest. Thus, the maker should take precautions to ensure the preservation of the original photograph if he/she wishes to enter the picture in exhibitions or competitions outside the club and fears the original may be damaged in the process.

Based on the final year-end judging, awards will be presented as follows:

ALL CLASSES (color and monochrome prints and digital imagery): 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th in each class.

From among all of the 1st place winners of the year-end judging a single Photograph of the Year shall be chosen.

The member accruing the highest total points in a category (monochrome, color, digital) shall receive the following Photographer of the Year Awards:

  • Monochrome Photographer of the year – The Margaret H. Bevan Award
  • Color Photographer of the year – The John R Boykin Award
  • Digital Photographer of the year – The Howard L. Penn Award
  • Photographer of the year – The Frederick R. Kelley Award

The end of year competition awards will be awarded at the yearly club banquet in May 23rd.