2016 Apr. 27: Color/Monochrome Prints Contests – Geometric Shapes

Our next competition will be this Wednesday, April 17, 2016.

  • We will have our Monochrome and Color Print competitions.
  • The theme this month is Geometric Shapes – The geometric shape/pattern can be made of anything. Lines, circles, squares, triangles, etc. Abstract works are not allowed, the geometric shape must be something present in the real world, something that we’ve seen and shot. It must be a characterizing element of the picture, but doesn’t need to be the only subject of it.The trick is in learning to find objects with appealing shapes and to capture them in an equally appealing way. Organic shapes occur frequently in nature (hence the name). They include curves, such as those you might see in the petal of a flower, and irregular shapes such as those you might see on a rock face. Geometric shapes, on the other hand, are straight and symmetrical. As you might have guessed, geometric shapes are found more often in the man-made world than in nature–they include things like buildings, roads and bridges.Click here for examples of Geometric Shapes.
  • Competition rules, which include how to prepare your prints and digital images are posted on our website http://arundelcameraclub.org/rules-summary/
  • Color and Monochrome Prints
    • You may enter three prints in each the Color and Monochrome contests.
    • Prints must be mounted on material such as a standard print mounting board.
    • The mat may be of any color desired by the contestant.
      • Tip: Most judges prefer white mats which look good in our light box which is painted black.
    • The mat may not exceed a size of 20″ in its longest dimension.
      • For instance 16″x20″ prints.
      • The actual inner dimensions/print size can be anything up to 16″x20″
        • Tip: You don’t have to print/mat large images and mats can be smaller 20″.
    • The back of the mounting board must be labeled with the print title, photographer’s name, contest date (month/year), theme, class (Unlimited or Novice), and color or mono.
    • The back should also have an arrow pointing to the top so the contests chairman know the proper orientation for your image.
      • Tip: You can write this information on the back of the print.
      • Tip: You can also use a label program like Avery Design Pro.
        • If you use removable labels, it makes it easier to reuse.
          • Sample LayoutExample2
          • ExampleExample1
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