Our next competition will be this Wednesday, October 22, 2014. We will have both our Color and Monochrome Print competitions. You may enter three color prints and three monochrome prints.
The theme this month is WILDLIFE. The guidance to the judge will be “Any photograph whose main subject is an animal. This includes all kinds of animals including insects, fish, etc.; but not people. This year we decided NOT TO ALLOW domesticated pets, animals in a zoo, or on a farm. Acceptable wildlife shots could range from the wilds of Alaska to the birds and insects in your garden.”
Competition rules, which include how to prepare your digital, slide, and print entries; are also posted on our website http://arundelcameraclub.org/rules-summary/

  • Color and Monochrome Prints – Prints must be matted. The print and mat assembly may not exceed 16”x 20” in size. The contestant’s name, picture title, category, class, and contest date (month/year) must appear on the back of each print. Please, also include an arrow to indicate orientation of the print.