If you’re looking for a real and honest look at today’s photography world, you’ve found it! This Short Course will help you discover how the photo industry really works; you’ll learn about different career options, how to create a vision-based body of work, and how to take steps in the right direction.

Full-time wedding and portrait photographer Mary Brunst will start this class with some tried and true ideas of how to get your business off the ground, and she’ll fill it up with tips and information about the process of growing a sustainable business.

This crash course includes more than super valuable information. It’s a chance for you to ask a real-world, working professional photographer those burning questions you’ve been holding on to!

Topics include:

  • The importance of networking with other pros
  • Potential sources of photography income including, stock, assisting, family portraits, local business content creation
  • Branding, marketing, creating your website
  • Finding your customers
  • The challenges and realities of building your portfolio while keeping a part time or full time job

Source: Get Started Making Money in Photography – Rocky Mountain School of Photography