Featured Photographer – Sunny Frank (2014)

Mandarin Drake

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On Monday, December 8, 2014, Sunny Frank of Crofton, MD passed away. She was a very devoted member of the Crofton Garden Club, the Arundel Carvers Club, and as many of you know, the Arundel Camera Club.

Prior to Thanksgiving, Sunny and Tom Frank had been visiting her sister out in Seattle area. The family was headed out to dinner and was in a car accident. Uncannily the driver that hit the Frank’s car was late for Sunny’s sister’s camera club meeting. Paramedics checked out all parties and all walked away with minimal bumps and bruises.

Sunny and Tom flew home. On the following Wednesday she complained of sore ribs, and difficulty taking a deep breath. She went to the ER and had a CT scan, which showed she only had bruised ribs, but also showed that there was a tumor in the pancreas.

On the Friday, prior to Thanksgiving, Sunny was cardioverted due to her chronic atrial rhythm being so fast. All went well.

She and Tom met with her surgeon on Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving and surgery was to take place the following week.

Sunny and all of her family spent the Thanksgiving holiday together.

On Wednesday, December 3rd she had the surgery, a Whipple, to remove the tumor. All went well and Sunny was to go home on Monday, December 8th.

Later that Monday evening, December 8th, our friend Sunny passed away unexpectedly after what doctor’s suspect was a heart attack. Every effort was made to resuscitate her but to no avail.

The days ahead will not be quite so bright without our beloved friend Sunny. She was the kind and gentle lady who brightened our lives with her photos,

Remember her when you are enjoying your grandchildren, playing with your dog, knitting a sweater, or just strolling in your favorite spot enjoying nature.

Sunny was quick to make you smile with her “sunny” disposition. She will always have a special place in our hearts and will be held dear in our fondest memories. She will be missed by her many friends and family.

She is survived by her beloved husband, Tom Frank; loving children, Scott Frank, Beth Kunkoski and her husband, Joe; dear sister, Betsy Bumgarner and her husband, Dick; and her loving granddaughter, Julia Frank.