Featured Photographer – Dolphy Fairhurst (2014)

Dolphy Fairhurst

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Our featured photographer this month is Dolphy Fairhurst. Dolphy has been the field trip chairman for as long as I can remember. She still competes in slides where she has earned a Master’s certificate. She has earned Silver certificates in monochrome prints and digital and a Bronze certificate in color prints.

ACC: How long have you been into photography?

DF: I received my first camera has a birthday present in 1973. It is a Canon TX. I still have it. I started taking pictures and haven’t stopped.

ACC: What equipment do you shoot with?

DF: My camera of choice is Canon. My film camera (yes I said film) is a Canon Elan IIE. My digital SLR is a Canon EOS Rebel xsi . I also have a digital point and shoot. It’s a Panasonic DMC-ZS7. I enjoy being able to see the shot right away, but I also enjoy the challenge of the film camera.

ACC: What are your favorite subjects?

Anything but people. I enjoy nature photography. I also like to do close up and abstract. Finding the picture within a picture. Looking for the things no one else sees.

ACC: What are your favorite techniques?

I do like trying new things. Moving the camera or the lens. I have Photoshop Elements and a few plugins. I like trying the different filters and effects, to change the image.

ACC: Who are some of the photographers you look to?

DF: Well as most of you know, I have been working with the negatives my grandfather left behind. I have been going through them, and I am amazed at their condition. I was also amazed to find that he and I had been to the same place and stood in the same place to take a photograph.

DF: I always enjoy seeing what Tony Sweet is up to, and of course there is my husband. Dick is a very good photographer. One of the things I enjoy most is going out and shooting with him. The wineries we go to along the way aren’t bad either.

ACC: What offices have you held in the club?

DF: I am currently Co Field Trip Coordinator . In the past I’ve been CO- Vice Pres. of programs and for a number of years I supplied coffee and cookies.