Saturday, November 8th from 5-8pm

Seeing as our field trip to Steamtown has been cancelled I thought I’d offer an alternative. A good model-friend of mine is going to be in the Baltimore area next weekend. Would anyone be interested in a ~3 hour workshop on editorial beauty photography and post-production/retouching? I’ll bring in a hair stylist and makeup artist to do an editorial fashion look and spend about 90 minutes teaching posing and lighting. Everyone will have an opportunity to shoot the looks we create. We will then import the images into the computer and cover post-production and retouching in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Cost will be in the neighborhood of $40-70, enough to cover the cost of hair, makeup, and the model. I’d like to keep the size down to 6-10 people, so the more who sign up the cheaper it’ll be. Let me know if you’re interested.

I’ve included a pic of the model, Ryan, in a shameless attempt to sway your decision in my favor 🙂 If interested email president@arundelcameraclub.org