According to the club by-laws of the Arundel Camera Club, it’s this day that I go from president-elect to club president and I wanted to send a note out to members and friends of the organization. It’s still extremely humbling that many of you have put their faith in me to help lead us forward.

The Arundel Camera Club we know and love was founded and maintained by many great people since its creation in 1957. I joined when Howard Penn was President and his enthusiasm for all things photography really encouraged many people to take their love of the hobby to the next level. With Howard’s passing around ten years ago Chip Bulgin stepped up to take over the position and bring his own vision and expertise to the position and has continued to maintain and improve a safe, enjoyable and educational place for like minded individuals to share and learn. With these great past presidents, many amazing officers and great members the club is what it is today and we owe everything to them.

I vow that my time in the position will be to help shape the club in whichever ways necessary to continue the mission of the founding members as the past presidents, officers and members have done. We all know the wording.. “The Arundel Camera Club exists to promote the art, science and education of all aspects of photography.” Even today, this still holds true. We have faced many hurdles with maybe our biggest one over the past few months. As the technology, photography and the world changes, I am confident that together we will never waver in our mission. Just as new officers bring fresh enthusiasm and ideas to the club, I hope my time as president, as well as those after me bring the same.

We all should be extremely proud of this club, it’s past and current officers and members. Even with rough seas ahead as we try to schedule the upcoming year with a lot of unknown variables, I am excited to see what the future brings and know we’ll all get through OK.

Thank you for your time.
John Milleker Jr.