History Roars To Life As The Mid Atlantic Air Museum Presents Its 25th Annual WW II Weekend June 5, 6, & 7, 2015

WW II Weekend is ten shows in one! Get more entertainment value for your money! Bring the kids for one of the most memorable history lessons they will ever experience. Everywhere you look there is living history before your eyes. Go back with us in time to learn about WW II from the brave men and women who lived it. Featuring the Commemorative Air Force B-29 Superfortress, “Fifi ”.

1. WW II Air Show: All types of famous WW II aircraft on the ground and in the air!

2. National WW II Veterans: Those who served in famous places give briefings, tell their stories, and sign autographs.

3. Military Vehicle Show: See Allied and Axis vehicles placed in contextual display.

4. WW II Battle Re-Creations: Skirmishes in a re-created French Village and a large scale demonstration battle take place.

5. 1940’s Entertainment Festival: Two Big Band hangar dances, and Officer’s Club performances.

6. Multiple War Front Tent Displays: Allied, Axis, PTO, ETO, Mediterranean and Russian.

7. Great American Home Front Displays: A 1940’s street re-creates the Home Front. NEW! The Victory Theater.

8. Super Militaria Flea Market: Over 150 local, regional, and national vendors.

9. WW II Personality Impressions: – FDR in his 1936 Ford, General MacArthur, P.T. 109 Capt. JFK, General George Patton, and “Bud and Lou” Comedy Team.

10. Talk to local WW II Vets: Talk to your neighbors who served worldwide. You can ride in WW II