Social Media


  • The club has a FaceBook Group which we are relying on during the COVID-19 restrictions. You can find the group here If you are not a member, you can request to join the group. It is a public group. Anyone on FaceBook can see our posts but only members can make posts. All of our virtual meetings have been broadcast via FaceBook.


  • Videos of all of our virtual meetings and contests have been posted to YouTube. If you do not want to join FaceBook or missed one of our online meetings, you can see recordings here. You can find them here
  • Please join YouTube and Follow our page. Once we have 100 followers, they will let us replace the random numbers with our club name. We currently have 13 subscribers. So please subscribe.


  • We are experimenting with a club Instagram account. You can find it at If you have an Instagram account, please follow the club page. Let the media team know about your Instagram page and the club page can follow you.