Featured Photographer – Richard Chomitz (2015)

Fog in Delaware

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ACC: How long have you been into photography?

RC: Like most of us I started as a child with my father’s camera. In my junior year of  HS I hook up with another student that went to the NY School Photography and we started a photography business.   A couple of years later while I was going to night school at Rutgers,  Uncle Sam picked my draft card number.   So I quickly join the Air Force to be a photographer.  Guess what?  The USAF made me a Air Traffic Controller, and I retired 44 years later still in ATC.

ACC: What equipment do you shoot with?

RC: In 1967 I bought my first Nikon, now I am in a love affair with my Nikon D800, my Sekonic l758 Lightmeter and fast glass.

ACC: What are your favorite subjects?

RC: First Choice people  Second Choice everything else.

ACC: What are your favorite techniques?

 RC: Laughter seems to work the best for me. If I can keep them laughing or telling them how good they look, then I will get the image I want and they will enjoy.

 ACC: How long have you been in the Arundel Camera Club?

 RC:  I joined in 2004 I believe.

ACC: What offices have you held in the club?

RC: Tie breaking board member and Digital Competition person, ( I had a projector and computer I used in the service of  digital competition.) We were not sure how long digital would last.

ACC: What photographers have inspired you?

 RC: Joe Mc Nally  because I own too many  Nikon  flashes.

ACC: How would you describe yourself? Your photography?

RC: Pretty calm under pressure, very tech savvy in LightRoom and Photo Shop.  I know what my equipment  and its shortfalls .  I will get the image. My photography is great, fantastic, breath taking; but could use some improvement.  There is always room for improvement.

ACC: Noteworthy accomplishments?

RC: I have a small photography business with repeat customers.  I feel great about what I do in photography.

ACC: How has your approach to photography changed?

 RC: Shoot do not chimp, enjoy what you are photographing,  blend with you environment and have fun.  Teach others but do not control others outcome, especially if you teaching a family member.