Featured Photographer – Greg Hockel (2023)

Havana Morning

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The featured photographer this month is Greg Hockel. 

ACC: How long have you been into photography?

GH: I took a photography course in college (’72), even though I didn’t have much of a camera at the time. My first real camera was an Olympus OM-1, which I still have and pull it out every now and then and shoot a roll of film. I’ve digitized most of the slides I took back in the day and have probably entered one or two into competitions.

ACC: What equipment do you shoot with?

GH: Have worked my up the Nikon line, starting with a CoolPix, D90, D300, D750, and now a D850. It’s a challenge keeping up with Cathy.

ACC: What are your favorite subjects?

GH: I gravitate towards street photography and landscapes.

ACC: How long have you been in the Arundel Camera Club?

GH: Since 2016.

ACC: What offices have you held in the club?

GH: Cathy and I were co-program chairs for a few years.

ACC: What photographers have inspired you?

GH: Honestly, the members of the club. I’m always amazed at the images and abilities of fellow club members. We have a few coffee table books of the more obvious photographers and have been out with the local photographer Jay Fleming (who we brought in as a speaker) a few times shooting the Chesapeake.

ACC: How would you describe yourself?

GH: Let’s just say, I’m glad you didn’t ask Cathy that question.

ACC: How would you describe your photography?

GH: I’m probably best described as an opportunistic photographer, taking advantage of the subject at hand. I’m not so good at being in a certain place at a certain time, hence my efforts to master harsh light.

ACC: How has your approach to photography evolved?

GH: Slowly! I’m embarrassed to say that I only just started using some of the many tools available in LR, like the brush tool, techniques like focus-stacking, a light box, etc.

ACC: Where do you find inspiration or motivation?

GH: Through travel. We have been fortunate to visit some amazing photographic-rich places. Cathy and I both love traveling and spend most of the day with cameras in hand.

ACC: Noteworthy accomplishments?

GH: I’ve had the opportunity to display some of my images locally and won image of the year in the club competition for “Best Dressed”, which was shocking. Back in my OM-1 days, I won third place for “Sea Turtles” in the nature category in a competition at work. I took advantage of the opportunity of being on the submarine ride at Disneyland!