Arundel Camera Club, Inc.

Arundel Camera Club, Inc.

Monthly Archives: June 2021

2021 Jul. 24: Photo Opportunity – Fort Delaware State Park

On 24 July 2021 Dawn, Sam, and Mike are going to Fort Delaware State Park. We are taking the 10:00 AM Ferry. We purchased our Ferry tickets online. It’s around a 2 hour drive. If anyone else goes, let us... Read More

2021 Jul. 7: Earleigh Heights Carnival

The Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company Earleigh Heights Carnival is on! July 1st-10th (Closed July 4th) from 6pm-11pm.   It would be great to get a group of members together again this year, we always have a great time photographing... Read More

2021 July 10: Field Trip – Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens

Deep within Kenilworth lies an oasis, hidden behind trees and cattails. It’s a place where beavers build their homes and turtles sleep on logs. Lotus’s rise from the muck and lilies sit on the water. The wind dances with the... Read More