Coming the FIRST weekend in September, the JOHN W BROWN will be moving from Pier 1 to Pier 13, next to the SAVANNAH, the BROWN and other WWII Vessels and Museums in Maryland will be coming together to celebrate the end of WWII in Maryland.   More info and a more detailed schedule of events will be coming soon.

Moving on Friday, 9/4/15 from Pier 1 to Pier 13 -Open to the Public from 12-4pm

Saturday 9/5/15-Open 10am-4pm  (Engines will be operational and STEAMING!   Beer tasting on board…)

Sunday 9/6/15 -Open 10am-4pm –  Moving back to Pier 1 in the Evening

We are inviting photographers, or anyone else who may want to join us, for the trip from Pier 1. This is a short trip, since its only about 5 minutes away, by car, but the ship will be going past a cool industrial area of the harbor. We consider the BROWN to be very photogenic and are pleased to find that other photographers feel the same way.

All participants will park their cars at Pier 13. The parking there is free and the Savannah and other ships will be open to the public from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. You can see our flier for more details.  Participants will be shuttled from Pier 13 to Pier 1 to board the BROWN. The last shuttle will leave Pier 13 by 8:30am.  As mentioned before, this is a short ‘ride’ but as a photographer, you can see the ship being moved and you will be able to see and take pictures of the crew in action.  You will also have the run of the ship (of all places open to the public) before the ship actually opens to the public.  The cost for the photo session is $40. Everyone will meet in the Saloon to sign the Guest Book and for a short safety briefing and then the fun can start!  For questions, the best way to get a quick answer about this event for photographers, is to send a private message to the BROWN’S Facebook page.  Hope to see many photographers at this event.